Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trenching Work on Bel-Air Streets

Many of you have probably been impacted and are curious about what's happening on Stone Canyon Road. To give you a little background, the City approved a utility permit for a telecommunications company to lay fiber optic cable in the street (public right-of-way). The telecom company is a company that provides service to a network (such as Sprint/Nextel) not to you the end user/consumer. For point of clarification, the permit approved by the City is to lay fiber optic cable ONLY.

The following is a proposed schedule of trenching work to be done:

  • Stone Canyon Road to Strada Corta to be completed by November 9th
  • Bellagio Road at Stone Canyon to Copa De Oro. Copa De Oro to Bel-Air Road. Bel-Air Road to St. Cloud. St. Cloud to St. Pierre. St. Pierre to Beverly Glen. This work will be done from November 19th - 27th.
The company will also be doing restoration work, street resurfacing repairs/patches, beginning with Stone Canyon Road sometime next week, the week of November 12th.

The BAA is waiting for a more specific time line for the repair work and once we have that information we will post it here.


Anonymous said...

it is now november 30 and the asphalt work has barely started on stone canyon. the ruts are a danger to drivers and adds complications to an already overwhelmed street with many construction trucks. what can you do to put pressure on the company and jack weiss to get this finished?


How did it go? Is it all done? Maybe next time you could let us do the job for you. We'd be happy to assist you anytime. You can check my site for more details.