Thursday, May 29, 2008

LAPD Community Alert Notification Wed 5/28/2008


There was one Hillside consistent residential burglary on 5/25/08, at 12:01 AM, in the 1100 block of Chantilly Road (see below). In the past month there have been two west of the 405 freeway between the Palisades and Brentwood. Overall year to date the area is experiencing a 14% decrease in all Part 1 crimes (Aggravated Assault, Residential and Auto Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, Robbery and Thefts).

Please remain vigilant to activity and people in our neighborhood. If you see what you believe may be a crime in progress, call 911! If you see other suspicious activity, notify the Non Emergency Dispatch at 1-877-275-5273. Forward any suspect information to me via e-mail or phone, so I can verify appropriate follow-up was conducted. Please record the date, time, type of activity, suspect(s) descriptions, and the description of any involved vehicles with accurate license plate information. Video cameras are great for capturing much of this information! We have received information from several alert community members and private security companies. This information directs us towards possible suspects and has resulted in several arrests.

Christopher Ragsdale Senior Lead Officer

West Los Angeles Community Police Station

Office: 310-444-0741/Cell: 213-305-5895


Street Robbery:

Rochester east of Westwood Bl (RD 833), 5/21/08, at 2230 hours

The victim walked eastbound on Rochester on the south side of the street. The victim observed suspect #1 walking westbound towards him. The suspect yelled, "Hey man" but the victim ignored him. Both suspects followed the victim and were able to surround him. Suspect #2 pointed a blue steel handgun at the victim and said, "Give me your money, cell phone, and bag. Suspect #2 reached into the victim's pockets and suspect #1 took the victim's book bag. Suspect #1 told the victim to remove his sweater, and took it. Suspect #2 struck the victim with a closed fist and the suspects ran eastbound on Rochester.

Suspect #1: Male Black Blk Unk 6-2 190 25-30 yrs, wearing a blue sweatshirt

Suspect #2: Male Black NFD, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

There has been some activity on the victim's credit cards since the robbery. The same suspects are possibly related to a robbery being handled by UCLA PD. Detectives will get together and compare information, and track the credit card activity.

Residential Burglary:

1100 Chantilly Rd, RD 0806

MO: Hillside consistent. On 05/25/08, at 0000 hours, suspect(s) positioned the victim's ladder under a second floor window, smashed the window, kicked open and ransacked the master bedroom closet. The loss is unidentified.

1600 Veteran Av, RD 0855

MO: Between 05/21/08 at 2230 and 05/22/08 at 1130, suspect(s) forced the victim's storage cabinet door in the apartment building parking structure, removed candle sticks and a lamp.

1400 Alt Ridge Drive, RD 0808

MO: Between 05/18/08 1200 hours and 05/19/08 1130 hours, unknown suspect(s) opened side door to vict's res. with unknown object. Victim did not observe any property missing at time of investigation.


Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:

05-24-08, 1630/1645. RD 0833 Alley 1400 Westwood Unlocked Phone

05-27-08, 1400 RD 0834 Driveway 10500 Wilshire Unlocked Guitar

05-25-08, 0030/0345. RD 0808 Driveway 2300 Benedict Cyn Smash window GPS

05-20-08 2130-0600 RD 0855 parking garage 10800 Holman Ave window smash wallet

05-21-08 2000-2200 RD 0829 parking lot 10250 Santa Monica Bl window smash I-pod cell phone

02-18-08 0800-04-20-08, 1400 RD 0838 parking garage 11070 Strathmore DR pried door lock car stereo


10700 Wilshire Bl RD 0834

MO: Vict rec'd call from hotel security that his old cancelled checks were found at loc. Checks stolen from his home at unk time. Loss: 0

10900 Wilshire Bl (Gym) RD 0833

MO: Unk suspect accessed victim's locked locker by unk means and stole cash Loss: $500