Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bel~Air Mobile Phone Service - A Dead Zone?

I have been hearing a lot of complaints from Bel~Air residents that mobile phone service will not reach their homes. Although I am a notable exception (one of my only neighbors is a polite AT&T cell tower), my research indicates that although surrounded by towers, Bel~Air lacks an internal network that would allow for satisfactory reception. indicates the following number towers and antennas surround our Bel~Air Association Headquarters at 100 Bel~Air Road in a 3-mile Radius:

( 100 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077 )

- Results Summary -

Search Radius reduced to 3. miles
(High number of Antennas Detected!)

141 Tower Structures Detected!

No New Tower Applications Found as of 07/09/08.

710 Antenna Locations Found!

However, most if not all of these towers are located to our South at UCLA and Westwood and boarders us to the East, West and North on Sepulveda, Beverly Glen and Mulholland.

Therefore, without internal towers, reception for the majority of Bel~Air will remain spotty at best.

And for the truly curious at heart, CLICK HERE to read about how cell phones and transmitters work.