Thursday, July 3, 2008

Break-out the Ear Plugs - Construction on UCLA's Spieker Aquatic Center Begins

With the erection of the construction trailer this morning - UCLA's Spieker Aquatic Center construction project has officially begun.

The project involves the construction of a competition swimming pool and related facilities at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center (SCRC) in the northwest zone of the campus (i.e., just Southeast of Bel~Air's West Gate along Sunset Blvd.) The Spieker Aquatic Center is designed to support the swimming, water polo and diving programs of the Departments of Intercollegiate Athletics and Cultural and Recreational Affairs, and will meet the design standards governing competitive collegiate aquatic sports. Project components include a new 52-meter deep-water pool, an approximately 6,000 square foot support facility to provide lockers, showers and related uses, a dive tower, lighting, scoreboard, space to accommodate temporary spectator seating for events, and landscape elements.

In speaking to UCLA's project manager this morning - Ron Enholm (310) 206-3127 - he indicates that project construction should last about one year.


Russ said...

Thank you Bel-Air Blog, for keeping us in the loop on all matters dealing with our neighbor UCLA.


Chris H. said...

Thanks Russ! Your support is appreciated.