Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Case-Shiller Price Declines by City

Case-Shiller Price Declines by City

by CalculatedRisk

The following graph shows the price declines from the peak for each city included in S&P/Case-Shiller indices.

Case-Shiller Price DeclinesClick on graph for larger image in new window.

In Phoenix and Las Vegas, home prices have declined more than 34%. In Charlotte, prices have only declined about 2% from the peak.

This graph illustrates the point Professor Krugman made in August 2005: That Hissing Sound

When it comes to housing ... the United States is really two countries, Flatland and the Zoned Zone.

In Flatland, which occupies the middle of the country, it's easy to build houses. When the demand for houses rises, Flatland metropolitan areas, which don't really have traditional downtowns, just sprawl some more. As a result, housing prices are basically determined by the cost of construction. In Flatland, a housing bubble can't even get started.

But in the Zoned Zone, which lies along the coasts, a combination of high population density and land-use restrictions - hence "zoned" - makes it hard to build new houses. So when people become willing to spend more on houses, say because of a fall in mortgage rates, some houses get built, but the prices of existing houses also go up. And if people think that prices will continue to rise, they become willing to spend even more, driving prices still higher, and so on. In other words, the Zoned Zone is prone to housing bubbles.
There was a bubble in Flatland too caused by the rapid migration from renting to buying - facilitated by loose lending - that pushed up Flatland prices. But those bubbles were small compared to the bubbles in the Zoned Zones.

Now that the bubble has burst, prices in the more bubbly Zoned Zones are falling much more than in Flatland. 

Detroit is an exception with prices off 27% from the peak, even though Detroit never had a price bubble. The reason is Detroit has a weak economy and a declining population. Since housing is very durable, there is excess supply in Detroit, and prices for existing homes are below replacement costs.

Another exception is New York. Prices in New York are only off 10.6% even though New York is part of the Zoned Zone. New York had a price bubble, but until recently prices had held up pretty well. That is changing right now.

And here was Krugman's conclusion from August 2005:
Meanwhile, the U.S. economy has become deeply dependent on the housing bubble. The economic recovery since 2001 has been disappointing in many ways, but it wouldn't have happened at all without soaring spending on residential construction, plus a surge in consumer spending largely based on mortgage refinancing. .... Now we're starting to hear a hissing sound, as the air begins to leak out of the bubble. And everyone - not just those who own Zoned Zone real estate - should be worried.
I think most people are worried now.

Feuer Announcement - Toxics and Public Transit Bills Signed Into Law

California  State Assembly Member Mike Feuer - 42nd Assembly District

Dear Friends:

I am delighted to announce that Governor Schwarzenegger just signed my two most significant bills of this session.  These bills address one of our most important regional issues—transportation congestion—and the major threat that toxic chemicals pose to public health and the environment.

AB 2321, signed on Thursday, offers Los Angeles voters the best chance in a generation to break the gridlock that strangles our County.  This legislation authorizes the L.A. Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) to place on the November ballot a 0.5% sales tax increase (Measure R) to fund $40 billion in top transportation priorities.  These projects would include extending the subway to Westwood, completing the Exposition light rail line from downtown to Santa Monica, creating a north-south leg of the Valley’s Orange Line, extending one light rail eastward from Pasadena, another from downtown, and dramatically improving our bus system and roads and highways.

Today in a signing ceremony at a factory in Atwater Village (video), the Governor signed AB 1879, legislation that could help break the link between toxics and cancer.  Last year some of the world’s leading scientists issued a report indicating that children in the womb are pre-programmed to get cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses because their mothers are exposed to toxic chemicals in everyday life.  AB 1879 gives California’s Department of Toxic Substance Control first-time authority to identify dangerous chemicals, evaluate alternatives, and, potentially, ban hazardous chemicals in consumer products altogether.

I’ll send an update soon on how the balance of my bills fared in the flurry of last-minute gubernatorial signings and vetoes.  If you have further questions, please contact my District Office at (310) 285-5490 or (818) 902-0521.


Mike Feuer
Assemblymember, 42nd District


Capitol Office:
State Capitol P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0042
Tel: (916) 319-2042
Fax: (916) 319-2142

District Office:
9200 Sunset Boulevard, PH 15
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tel: (310) 285-5490
Tel: (818) 902-0521
Fax: (310) 285-5499

Monday, September 29, 2008

West Los Angeles Division (LAPD) Open House

West Los Angeles Division (LAPD) Open House

Please join Captains Eaton and West for the West Los Angeles Police Station Open House at 1633 Butler Av. 

Our Open House will be on Wednesday October 15, 2008, from 4 PM to 7 PM.

There will be activities for kids and parents, Bounce House, face painter, balloon artist, static displays of police equipment, tours of the station as well as an opportunity to test your skills in realistic police scenarios. We will be serving free food and drink to all.

There will be an engraving booth. If you have property you would like engraved with your information we will provide that service. This is extremely helpful in the event the property is stolen. It helps the police detectives prosecute the thiefs and return the property to the rightful owner. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jazz Afternoon (Oct. 11th) @ Bel~Air Community Magnet Charter School

TO PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE, visit Brown Paper Tickets by

DateDoors open @ 2:30PM on October 11, 2008
Program from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Community Magnet Charter School
11301 Bellagio Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049
[map it!]
Info Line310-476-2281
ContactKatrina Andrews
11301 Bellagio Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049


There is something uniquely different about Community Magnet Charter School, like Jazz, we are a mixture of different parts of the world beautifully blended, working harmoniously to create our own kind of music. Knowing how important music and art is to their education and life, we feel it should not only be a privilege for those few students who can afford it, but that it should be a standard part of our curriculum.

This benefit Jazz Festival will be on our campus, tucked in the hills of Bel-Air, to support our Music and Arts Enrichment Program. We are a public Elementary school and your contribution is tax deductible and will be used exclusively for our Music and Art Education Fund. Please join us for a magical afternoon, because music matters to all of us!

Artist: Kenny Burrell & his UCLA Students, The Herman Matthews Trio, Special Friends of Community Magnet and The Hamilton High School Ensemble.

Adult General Admission - $35
Adult Premium Seating - $45
Child 5 16 years - $20
Child Premium - $25

Package #1 - $50
Includes: 1 General Adult seat, shuttle bus service, boxed lunch

Package #2 - $75
Includes: Premium Adult seat, valet parking, boxed lunch, 1 drink

VIP Package - $150
Includes: 2 premium seats, 1 valet parking pass, 2 boxed lunches, 2 event T-shirts, 2 drinks

Bel-Air Package (code required) - $75
Includes: 2 general seats, 2 boxed lunches, 2 drinks

Parking is VERY limited. We encourage carpooling and to pre-purchase on site valet parking for an additional $15.00.

Shuttle service will be available for $5.00 per car at: Enter Constitution off Sepulveda between Wilshire & Montana. West on Constitution, right (North) on Davis to 2nd Gate Lot 29. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early so you don't miss any of the show!

Please be sure to PRINT YOUR TICKET for parking and ticket verification.

Lunch, snacks and drinks will be available for purchase.

Children 5 and under free. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for general admission $45 and premium $55.

I-405 Los Angeles Project Funding

Photo shows stretch of the 405 Freeway bordering Bel~Air by the Getty Center.
Expect Massive Delays in the Future.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces $730 Million Proposition 1B Funding Allocated to I-405 Los Angeles

Largest Individual Project Allocation to Date Brings Prop 1B Funding Allocation to $4.8 Billion Statewide


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced the allocation of $730 million Proposition 1B funding to build 10 miles of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles (between Interstate 10 and Highway 101).  This is the largest individual Proposition 1B project allocation made to date, and was part of more than $800 million in Proposition 1B funding allocated today by the California Transportation Commission (CTC). 


“When California voters approved Proposition 1B they wanted action, and we are delivering that action,” said Governor Schwarzenegger.  “This funding will not only help relieve the traffic congestion that clogs our Los Angeles freeways – it will create jobs and help stimulate California’s economy when we need it the most.”    


$810 million in Proposition 1B funding was allocated today by the CTC.  This includes $80 million for HOV lanes in El Dorado County and Sonoma County, and funding for traffic and safety improvements through the bond's Traffic Light Synchronization Program and the State Transportation Improvement Program.  The CTC also allocated $69 million from other funding sources for 29 other transportation projects. 


Since the passage of Proposition 1B, $4.8 billion has been allocated by the CTC and other state agencies.  This week the Governor signed the 2008-09 budget, releasing the $227 million in Proposition 1B funds previously allocated by the CTC in July and August 2008.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FDIC Seizes WaMu - Then Sells Bank to JP Morgan Chase

The third-largest U.S bank JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N: QuoteProfile,ResearchStock Buzz) said it bought the deposits of Washington Mutual Inc (WM.N: QuoteProfileResearchStock Buzz), which has seen its stock price virtually wiped out because of massive amounts of bad mortgages. The government said there would be no impact on WaMu's depositors and customers. JPMorgan said it would be business as usual on Friday morning.

Here is the investor presentation from JP Morgan. Basically JPMorgan - in an asset only acquisition - acquired the toxic WaMu loan portfolio and deposit base (all branches). JPMorgan paid the FDIC $1.9 billion, and they expect to take write-downs of $30 billion to $54 billion on the WaMu toxic loans. That is the primary cost of the acquisition - the write-downs.

The holding company is responsible for all lawsuits (good luck). The shareholders are wiped out, and so are most of the bondholders.

Wow!  This news hit me hard three different ways. . .

I have deposits at WaMu, I am (was?) a shareholder in WaMu, and I also have a loan from WaMu scheduled to fund next week.

Assuming that some of you may be as involved with what was one of California's largets banks - the following links you to transition information for WaMu bank customers:

WaMu Customers, Welcome to JPMorgan Chase!

We're proud to welcome you to one of the nation's largest banks; as of September 25, 2008, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has acquired the deposits, loans, and branches of Washington Mutual. Your deposits remain insured by the FDIC and are now also backed by the strength and security of JPMorgan Chase. Our combined company will offer superior banking convenience - over 5,400 branches and 14,000 ATMs in 23 states. Here's what this means for you: 

Chase Q&A's:

Q. What will happen to my account at WaMu? And to my branch?
A. It's business as usual. As of September 25, 2008, JPMorgan Chase has assumed the deposit and loan accounts, and all branches, of Washington Mutual. You can continue to access your accounts just the way you've accessed them in the past: use your same branch, same debit, credit and ATM cards, same checks.

Q. Is my money safe?
A. Yes; in addition to FDIC insurance, now you're assured your bank is backed by the strength and security of JPMorgan Chase. If you have money in both banks, your deposits have separate FDIC insurance for up to six months. Come see us and we can help you review your coverage.

Q. What if I have more than $100,000 at WaMu?
A. Your money is secure and now protected by the strength of Chase. Chase assumed all deposits of Washington Mutual.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Wonderful Article from a Bel~Air Resident

The Importance of Ritual when Changing Lanes

Posted by: Jane Jelenko  

Monday, September 22, 2008


quote Every day when the work is behind you, and the shop and the store put the lock on the door. Just get away where your worries won’t find you. If you like, well I’ll tell you more.quote
Petula Clark

My Neighborhood Bar

We all have a special place where we go to feel good. It’s that favorite place we go to escape the daily grind, meet a friend, or mark a special occasion. In this place we can be ourselves and take a break in both space and time. If we’re lucky, its location is close by and easily accessible so it can serve as a place of ritual that speaks to our soul in a very personal and immediate way—just when we most need to make that connection.

For some, it must be a place of natural beauty and calm like a special tree in the park or a path along the water not too far from home. Others might prefer a friendly café with cushy chairs, comfort food, and a great sound track. It could be a place you go to be alone with yourself, or a welcoming spot for people to gather and talk about nothing and everything.

TV and film abound with images of such ritualistic places. Visualize, if you will, the jogging track around the reservoir in Sex and the City where Charlotte made her daily pilgrimage. Or the leather-boothed diner in Seinfeld where our favorite misanthropes complained about all of life’s miniscule annoyances. Think the coffee bar in Friends. These are places where we regain our bearings when we feel out of kilter with the world’s ever shifting scenery.

For me that place is my neighborhood bar, aka the Bel Air Hotel. For thirty years, I’ve been blessed to live in a lovely canyon a half a mile past this secluded gem of a place. Since moving to L.A. in the early 70s, I have made a ritual of going to this spot at every inflection point of my life.

You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

My love for the Bel Air Hotel started long before I bought a two-bedroom house in the neighborhood. Like many Angelenos, I chose the beautiful dining room as the preferred venue to celebrate special birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day with my plucky mother-in-law, Martha.

But my love deepened into a true relationship after my son, David, was born. As a working- and frequently traveling-mom, I cherished my weekend walks down to the Hotel with David in his stroller, visiting the swans in the pond and crashing weddings from a great viewing spot on the terrace. A year later when I was promoted to be the first woman partner at KPMG’s L.A. office, I accepted every invitation from friends to celebrate the big milestone on that same terrace. My friends and I drank a bottle of Champaign every evening for a full month of revelries.

As a single mother for eight years, I would meet my dates at the Bel Air Bar so we could check each other out in a very romantic, yet safe environment—and I could escape quickly in case the evening turned out to be a bore. When I finally met my bashert, we would often grab a quick burger with truffle fries in the bar while listening to the piano man play as though we were bel_air_wedding_470the only ones in the room.

Of course, our wedding was held at the Bel Air which, in February, may be at its most beautiful—all decked out with blooming magnolias and azaleas.

The Place for Changing Lanes

When I retired in 2003, I suffered a sense of dislocation shared by many Boomers experiencing this challenging midlife passage. While I didn’t miss the work, I had to admit that I missed the little workday routines that gave my life a comforting anchor in time and place. When these support mechanisms fell away, I looked for substitutes—ones that would have the side benefit of adding meaning rather than routine to my day. The hotel became the site of several of these new rituals.

As I’ve written before, one of my very first acts as a free woman was to get the dog I’d been denying myself during my 25 years as a management consultant road-belair_470warrior.Sasha accompanies me every morning to the valet parking entrance of the hotel, where the staff always gives him a pup-a-roni treat to start his day off right. Sasha clearly appreciates all the lovin’ he gets from all the guys (Kevin, Rodney, Tony, Mark, Bruce, and all the others). Sasha’s mom appreciates the great sense of community I feel when we greet one another every day.

Walking Sasha to the Hotel is a daily ritual that is part of my continuing effort to achieve a quiet mind, the first step in the process of Changing Lanes we wrote about in our book.  This state of mind is a requirement if you are to make good decisions about taking a new path to achieve renewal. It certainly helped me open myself up to the creative process of writing. During many of these walks, I listened to ‘60s folk/rock music on my iPod and came up with the lyric quotes that illustrate the themes of the book. To this day, I can still hear Cat Stevens in my head as I walk up-canyon to my house (“Oh very young, what will you leave us this time…”)

While I hoped to achieve a quiet mind, I also craved the constant stimulation of learning something new. Here again, the hotel played an important role. My personal bucket list of retirement ideas included taking cooking classes, since I felt so woefully inadequate in the kitchen. I signed up for a mini culinary school offered by Executive Chef, Douglas Dodd,  which included eating our beautifully prepared lunch at Table One, the Chef’s private in-kitchen table which normally takes months of advance booking to experience. 

This is indeed my special place. If I could figure out how to do it, I’d be very happy to be buried there (along with Sasha, of course).

Monday, September 22, 2008



Please remain vigilant to activity and people in our neighborhood. If you see what you believe may be a crime in progress, call 911! If you see other suspicious activity, notify the Los Angeles Police Non-Emergency number at 1-877-275-5273. Forward any suspect information to me via e-mail or phone, so I can verify appropriate follow-up was conducted. Please record the date, time, type of activity, suspect(s) descriptions, and the description of any involved vehicles with accurate license plate information. Video cameras are great for capturing much of this information!
Senior Lead Officer Christopher Ragsdale
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741 Cell: 213-305-5895 Email: 26690@lapd.lacity.org

****Bellagio Rd at Chalon Rd.***** (RD 805). 9/20/08, 1600 hours, As victim walked suspects in vehicle with five occupants pulled next to victim. Suspects #1 & 2 exited the vehicle and suspect #1 walked behind the victim while suspect #2 approached the victim. Suspect #1 produced a knife and demanded victim's property. Suspect #1 struck the victim once in the face as suspect #2 reached into the victim's pockets and removed property. Suspects #1 & 2 fled in suspect vehicle. Suspect #1-3 Male Hispanic Blk Blk 505-508 150-180 29-35 years # 1 white T-shirt, blue shorts. # 2 blk T-shirt, blu pants # 3 blk b/b cap, blk T-shirt. No description suspects # 4&5. Weapon: Knife and Bodily Force. Vehicle: Black 4-door sedan
Property Taken: $150 in cash, cell phone, wallet, backpack, and tools.

11700 Bellagio Rd. RD 0805. MO: Hotprowl. On 09/20/08, at 2215, the suspect entered the multi-unit dwelling via an unlocked slider, stood over the elderly victim's bed, fled when the victim awoke. There was no identified property loss. Suspect: Male Hispanic 508/10 175 20/25 years Buzz cut hair Of note: Under trespass that occurred on 09/20/08, 2050 hours, the same described suspect entered a neighboring unit, claimed to the occupant to be hiding from the police, had a 45 minute conversation with the victim and left without removing property.
11400 Thurston Circle. RD 0805. MO: On 09/21/08, at 0930, the same suspect described above entered the victim's SFR via an unlocked rear kitchen door. The victim confronted the suspect who stated he didn't want to hurt the victim or her daughter and he needed her car keys to escape. The victim told the suspect where her keys were. The suspect took the keys, drove the victim's vehicle through the front gate, abandoned the vehicle at a neighboring residence, and stole a neighbor's vehicle to make good his escape. The neighbor's vehicle remains outstanding.
2900 Nicada Dr. RD 0807. MO: On 09/19/08, between 1030 and 1830, suspect(s) entered the single story SFR via an unlocked bathroom window, removed jewelry.
1300 Beverly Dr. RD 0809. MO: On 09/20/08, at approximately 1200 hours, suspect(s) pried the SFR front door activating the alarm. The loss is unidentified.
10800 Wilshire Blvd. RD 0828. MO: Between 09/17/08, 0200 hours and 09/19/08, 2000 hours, suspect(s) used a possible key to enter via the front door. Suspect(s) then took video tapes and CD's.
10700 Wilshire Blvd. RD 0828. MO: Between 09/12/08, 1200 and 09/17/08, 0330, the victim's estranged wife used a key to enter residence, remove his/hers jewelry and credit apps/bills.

GTA'S (2)
09-21-08, 0930/1130. RD 0805. 11500 Thurston Circle. 01 Mercedes CL500
09-21-08. RD 0805 11400 Thurston Circle. 03 Honda Odessy (rcvd )

09-20-08, 2200/1200. RD 0829. 1400 Beverly Glen. Cut/Sub Gar
09-20-08, 2100/1500. RD 0836 Beverly Glen/La Grange. Smash/Pkg Lot
09-21-08, 0100/0900. RD 0805. 800 Moraga Drive. Susp removed wallet.
09-19-08, 1759/1200. RD 0833. 1300 Kelton Ave. Susp removed laptop.
08-25-08, 1000/1700. RD 0816. 600 Midvale Ave. Susp removed Chasis
09-17-08, 2100/0700. RD 0833 10900 Rochester Ave. Susp removed GPS
09-15-08, 0100-0700. RD 808 3100 Deep Canyon Dr. driveway/window smash/U.S. currency, CD'S laptop, camera.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a Week! On the Brink On Financial Collapse. . .

Did we just escape financial market armageddon by the skin of our teeth?
Will the
mother of all bailouts save our economy?

What will it mean, especially in terms of the economy and real estate?
The earlier fixes had no lasting benefit -- will this be different?

Below are links to some recommended articles that most would not normally see.

If you have any thoughts on the subject -- please post below in the comments section.

Calculated Risk:
Some Thoughts on the Bailout

Dr. Housing Bubble:
We’re All Homeowners Now: 10 Reasons to be Cautious About This Housing Rescue Plan for Motherland USA

New York Post: Almost Armageddon

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Weisswire - September 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

LAPD Community Alert: 9-18-2008



Please remain vigilant to activity and people in our neighborhood. If you see what you believe may be a crime in progress, call 911! If you see other suspicious activity, notify the West Los Angeles police station. Forward any suspect information to me via e-mail or phone, so I can verify appropriate follow-up was conducted.Please record the date, time, type of activity, suspect(s) descriptions, and the description of any involved vehicles with accurate license plate information. Video cameras are great for capturing much of this information!
Christopher Ragsdale,Senior Lead OfficerWest Los Angeles Community Police Station.Office: 310-444-0741 Cell: 213-305-5895 Email: 26690@lapd.lacity.org

Street Robberies:
Greenfield Ave & Ohio Ave. (RD 855). 9/9/08, 1830 hrs. As the victim walked on sidewalk, the suspects pulled their vehicle alongside victim and asked , "Can you come here for a second?" The victim approached the passenger side of the vehicle. One suspect reached out of the vehicle and grabbed victims I-Pod nano. The victim reached inside the vehicle and grabbed suspect #2's shirt. Suspect #1 drove southbound as the suspects punched the victim. The victim fell to the ground and sustained multiple abrasions from being dragged by the suspect's vehicle. Suspect #1: Male Black Blk unk 20-25 yrs. Suspect #2 & 5: Male. Suspect #3 & 4: Female Hispanic, one with dark curly hair Weapon: Bodily Force. Vehicle: 2007-08 Pontiac G-6 4-door gray. Property Taken: Green I-Pod Nano worth $250
9300 Cherokee Lane (RD 809). 9/7/08, at 1300 hours. Victim walked to her vehicle when she observed the suspect in his vehicle parked behind her. The suspect called the victim over to his vehicle and stated that he knew the victim and her boyfriend. The victim walked to the passenger side of the suspect vehicle. The suspect opened the passenger side door and as the victim leaned inside, the suspect grabbed the victim's right arm, took the victim's purse and fled in suspect vehicle. Suspect: M W Blnd Blu 5-6 200, freckles / New York accent blk shirt, green pants, and wht tennis shoes. Weapon: Bodily Force. Vehicle: 2008 Honda 2-door silver w/ unknown Nevada plates. Property Taken: Purse with $400 cash, keys, jewelry, and misc ATM and Credit Cards.
Strathmore & Midvale (RD 838). 9/7/08, at 2115 hours. Victim walked on Midvale talking on his cell phone. Victim observed two suspects walking. Suspect #1 grabbed victim from behind and felt something point on his right temple, but he was unsure if it was a handgun. Suspects # 1 & 2 stated, "Give me your fucking money and phone." The victim gave suspect #2 his cell phone, and felt suspect #1 remove his wallet from his right rear pants pocket. The suspects fled on foot northbound on Midvale.
Suspect #1: Male Hispanic or Persian Blk Bro 5-9 130 20-30 yrs, NFD. Suspect #2: Male Hispanic or Persian Blk Bro 5-9 130 20-30 yrs, NFD. Weapon: Simulated a handgun. Vehicle: NVS
Property Taken: Cell phone, wallet, Debit card, and $1 in cash
Westwood Bl & Pico (RD 833). 9/4/08, at 1100 hours. Victim stood at bus stop at the above location when suspects approached and started to talk to her. Suspect #1 asked to borrow the victim's cell phone. The victim replied, "no". The suspects surrounded the victim and suspect #1 produced a knife and pointed it at the victim. Both suspects laughed, as the victim, in fear handed the cell phone to suspect #1. The suspects walked away laughing. Suspect #1: Female Black Blk Bro 5-4 150-160 20-22, white shirt, black sweater, and blue jeans. Suspect #2: Female Black Blk Bro 5-2/5-3 150-160 20-22, black pants, blue shoes and shirt. Weapon: Knife. Vehicle: NVS
Property Taken: Cell phone worth $110
Glendon Ave & Santa Monica Bl (RD 855). 9/7/08, at 2100 hours. Victim walked on Glendon when suspects approached the victim from behind. Suspect #1 produced a screwdriver with a sharpened and stated, "Give me your money" while suspect #2 stood next to suspect #1 and acted as a lookout. The victim, in fear, gave suspect #1 his property. Both suspects fled northbound on foot. The victim stated he would be able to identify the suspects if seen again. Suspect #1: Male Hispanic Blk Bro 5-10 165 25-30 yrs, (Acne) gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Suspect #2: Male Hispanic Blk Bro 5-8 175 25-30 yrs, NFD. Weapon: Screwdriver. Property Taken: Wallet, $3 in cash, Cal Op.

Residential Burglary:
10700 Wilshire Blvd. RD 0828. MO: Between 09/12/08 at 1200 and 09/17/08 at 0330, the victim's estranged wife used a key to enter residence, remove his/hers jewelry and credit apps/bills.
1400 Midvale Ave. RD 0833. Deft: Randall Rose Male White 07/08/58 bkg #1621554 459 PC
MO: Bet 09/11/08 2100 and 09/12/08, above listed suspect, victim's neighbor, pried the apartment rear door, removed a guitar and cash.
2700 Angelo Dr. RD 0807. MO: On 09/11/08, bet 0830 and 1945, suspect(s) smashed the SFR rear glass door, removed multiple televisions, stereos, and jewelry.
10400 Hebron Ln. RD 807. MO: On 9/11/08, between 1200 hrs. and 2030 hrs., suspect(s) entered victim's residence by unknown means, ransacked, and fled without property. (Note: Landlord/tenant dispute in progress.)
1500 Ensley Ave. RD 829. MO: Between 9/05/08, 1400 hrs., and 9/08/08, 2100 hrs., suspect(s) entered single family residence with possible key, removed laptop computer and jewelry.
1300 Thayer Ave. RD 0834. MO: On 09/07/08 at 1030 suspect broke the SFR rear window, removed a briefcase. Named suspect: Niel Melinkovich (decedent's former caregiver) M W red brown 602 180 54 years.
9700 Hensal Rd. RD 0808. MO: On 09/08/08, bet 0900 and 1600 suspect(s) pried the locks off the SFR side door. There was no identified loss.
300 Dalkieth Ave. RD 0817. MO: Bet 08/30/08 and 09/08/08 suspect(s) entered deceased victim's SFR by prying the kitchen door. The loss, if any, is unknown.
1300 Casiano Rd. RD 0805. MO: Distraction burglary. On 09/03/08, at 1300, suspects claimed they struck elderly victim's and lost cat in her rear yard. Suspects gained entry & went through drawers. No property taken. Suspet # 1 M W blond unknown 510 150 20/30. Suspect # 2 M W brown unknown 502 125 17/23.
1900 Coldwater Canyon RD 0809. MO: Between 09/05/08 at 2240 and 09/06/08 at 0930, suspect(s) unlocked the rear door, removed shoes and purses. Ex-boyfriend is suspected.
10800 Portofino. RD 0806. MO: On 08/31/08, btwn 1000 and 1730, suspect(s) opened the SFR under secured side window, removed jewelry.
1500 Ensley, RD 0829. MO: On 08/27/08, between 1130 and 1330, suspect(s) attempted to pry the SFR rear door.

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
09-15-08, 0100-0700. RD 808 driveway. 3100 Deep Canyon Dr (window smash) U.S. Currency, CD'S laptop, camera
09-13-08, 2355/1000. RD 0833 1300 Midvale Ave. Driveway/Unk/Laptop.
09-14-08, 0100/1000. RD 0834 10660 Wilshire Blvd. Garage. Susp removed purse.
09-11-08, 1700/2300. RD 0833 1700 Westwood Blvd. Street/Smash/Stereo
09-06-08, 1200/09-10-08, 1030. RD 0834 10500 Eastborne Ave. cut conv. roof top/ stereo.
09-10-08, 0330. RD 0808. 3100 Deep Cyn Dr. smash/ I-pod, clothing.
09-09-08, 1100-0700. RD 0808 9700 Blantyre Dr. smash/DVD/clothing.
09-07-08, 2230/0830. RD 0809 9500 Lania. Street/Susp removed bag.
09-06-08, 1330/1500. RD 0809 2600 Franklin Canyon. Street/Smash/Purse
09-03-08, 1130/0915. RD 0829 1600 Beverly Glen. Garage/Pried/GPS
09-03-08, 1800/0900. RD 0829 1300 Beverly Glen. Street/Unk/GPS
09-06-08, 2300/0200. RD 0834 10600 Ashton Ave. Street/Susp removed wallet.
8/25/08, 1500-1600. RD 809 2600 Franklin Cyn Pkg lot/Smash/ipod, cell phone
08-30-08, 1700/1200. RD 0816 400 Kelton Ave. Garage/Pry GPS
08-17-08, 1900/1600. RD 0833 1300 Kelton Ave. Carport/Susp removed Saddlebag

Grand Theft Auto:
09-08-08, 0800/1330. RD 0819. Beverly Glen/Strathmore 06 Tacoma.
09-06-08, 1630/2300 RD 0816. Ophir/Veteran 94 Lexus ES 300.
09-03-08, 1245/1800. RD 0833 1700 Midvale Ave. 99 Ford Explorer.

900 Westwood Blvd. RD 0817. MO: Unk susp removed vict's wallet from her purse which was in an office. Loss: $240
10900 Wilshire Bl-18th floor. RD 0816. MO: btwn 8/28-9/3 unk susp stole laptop from law office Loss: $1500
10600 Somma Wy. RD 0806 MO: Vict's daughter had a party and unk 'friend' stole handgun/guitar. Loss: $2300

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Keep Bel~Air Beautiful - Our Community Responsibility

Dear Bel-Air Neighbors,

This year marks the 15th year of the “Keep Bel-Air Beautiful” fund.  When this initiative began in 1993, it was because of a city budget crisis which caused cutbacks in city services.  In response to the crisis, the Bel-Air Association established a beautification fund which many residents have generously contributed to over the years. 

This year is no different and the city is once again faced with a budget crisis and forced to cut city services.  Thankfully our community has had the wherewithal to keep up our beautification efforts and it is more important than ever we continue. 

Since the beginning of the beautification fund, the entire community has benefited from many wonderful projects.  Such accomplishments include:

§ The east and west gate and the Moraga entrance have all been repaired, painted and new landscaping.  

§ The landscaping of 28 traffic islands throughout Bel-Air.

§ Repair of the neon “Bel-Air” light at the east gate entrance.

§ Street lamps throughout the community have been repainted.

§ Fire hydrants have been repainted.

§ The two dozen traffic islands in the community have been re-landscaped and are maintained.

§ Minor repair work, clearing weeds and litter removal.

Maintaining the quality of life in Bel-Air for all residents is an important part of the work the Bel-Air Association does.  Landscaping and diligent upkeep are extremely cost-effective ways to preserve our community’s unique attractiveness. 

Every dollar contributed will go directly towards maintenance and beautification projects.

We are again asking for you to contribute generously and have posted the following donation form for your convenience.

Click to Enlarge and Print

then mail (or fax credit card payment) to:

Bel-Air Association
100 Bel Air Road
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Phone: (310) 474-3527
Fax: (310) 475-6994

Thank you for your support,

Cynthia Arnold

Keep Bel-Air Beautiful

Monday, September 15, 2008




Los Angeles - BABCNC President Robert A. Ringler informed the Bel Air Beverly Crest Community of the Southbound lane of Sepulveda Boulevard closure for the construction of a permanent debris collection fence on the east side of Sepulveda Boulevard just south of the Mulholland Tunnel.  The debris collection fence will permanently address an ongoing hazard from rocks and debris falling from the steep hillside onto the street.
"Everyone can help spread the word of the lane closure," announced President Ringler, "to prevent gridlocks and ease the travel to West Los Angeles." 


WHEN:  Starting on September 22, 2008 for up to eight weeks, the lane will be closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
WHERE: On Sepulveda Boulevard from Dartford Avenue to just south of the Mulholland Tunnel, one of the two southbound traffic lanes will be closed.  Southbound motorists will experience delay.  The existing single northbound lane will be maintained, but it will be shifted westerly.
WHY: The lane closure will accommodate the installation of a concrete K-Rail, which is necessary to ensure public and construction worker safety.  The K-Rail will also act as a temporary debris collection barrier to protect motorists and bicyclists from falling rocks, and to protect construction workers from fast-moving traffic during construction of a permanent debris collection barrier at the base of the steep hillside, immediately adjacent to the curb.
Southbound motorists are strongly encouraged to use the I-405 Freeway as an alternative on weekdays--especially between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

For further information or concerns, please call the Bernards Brothers Inc. at (310) 476-3642.  Also, please visit http://trafficinfo.lacity.org for up-to-the minute street surface conditions throughout the City.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UFO Sighted in Bel~Air! No, that's the New DWP Filtration Station

While driving up Stone Canyon this morning testing cell phone reception (see previous post) -- I stumbled upon the New DWP Filtration Station and was Blown Away!  Looking like the child of the Getty Center and a Space Age Missile Silo, this "green" building is a functional work of art.

This plant will filter water from the Lower Stone Canyon Reservoir before it enters the pipeline system and gets distributed to customers. The plant will be able to treat about 6.5 million gallons of water per day (mgd) by using the processes of membrane filtration and postdisinfection. A state-mandated air gap will be included. This valve mechanism will allow visual inspection that the reservoir water is being directed to the proper location.  The membrane filtration plant will allow DWP to: Continue to use the water stored in the lower reservoir Safely maintain the reservoir water level, which would fluctuate during the year due to use, stormwater flows, and evaporation Manage water quality in the lower reservoir by adding fresh water.The existing pumping station has been reconstructed and incorporated into the building for the membrane filtration plant to improve the appearance of the Lower Stone Complex.

Below are pictures taken while Kevin from the DWP very graciously took me on a tour.





Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How is Your Cell Phone Signal? Add Your Info to Signal Map!

How does your mobile phone carrier stack up?
Find out from others how well their cell service provider does the job in Bel~Air.

The below link will take you to a movable map of Bel~Air showing those who have inputted information concerning their cell phone reception -- and then I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO ADD YOUR OWN (by simply and anonymously clicking on the yellow "Add your signal!" button and inputting your signal data.)

I just added mine in less than 30 seconds -- and am getting 5 bars from AT&T -- jealous?

LINK to the Signal Map of Bel~Air by Clicking Here

UPDATE:  This morning I drove up and down Stone Canyon to test receiption on my AT&T phone -- click on the Signal Map Link for the results.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emergency Preparedness Forum - Reminder & Confirmed Date

This event is only open to Bel~Air Association Members and Residents









**Please Call Paulette M. DuBey, Bel~Air Association General Manager at 310.474.3527, for Exact Time & Location**



Last month’s 5.4 magnitude earthquake in the Los Angeles area was another wake up call to be prepared for the BIG ONE.  The Bel-Air Association’s Emergency Preparedness Committee has worked diligently to do just that.  For the past three years, our members have organized the community into 12 sectors, meeting and outlining what we need to have in our homes and what actions we must take in case of a major earthquake or devastating fires.


Are you part of part of the Association’s Emergency Preparedness?  
Do you know what the plan is to evacuate and assist your fellow neighbors?


It is time to revisit emergency preparations. 
Join us for an important community event sponsored by the Bel-Air Association. 
For more information please call Paulette M. DuBey our General Manager at 310.474.3527. 
Thank you for your interest and for being prepared!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weiss Wire - August 2008

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