Sunday, May 10, 2009

From the LA Times / LA Now (Local) Section

Bel-Air joining Brentwood in battle against Sunset Boulevard widening

3:41 PM | May 8, 2009


The city's plan to widen Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood continues to generate strong opposition -- and is putting Councilman Bill Rosendahl is a tough position. Curbed L.A. has some highlights of a public meeting:

"The Brentwood Community Council voted on a resolution asking Bill Rosendahl's office to immediately remove their request for funding for the project. It passed unanimously....A staff member from Rosendahl's office read a statement that said Rosendahl would 'take no action' before there was a full community vetting of the expansion....Many pointed out that this was disingenuous since the act of asking for funding was undeniably taking action."

And if there is one thing worse than having Brentwood residents opposing your project, it's having Bel-Air residents joining in. The Bel-Air blog is abuzz over the plan.