Friday, May 15, 2009

More Budget Cuts & Scare Tactics from Sacramento

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a pair of financial disaster plans Thursday, proposing to address the state's budget crisis by slicing up to seven days off the public school year, releasing thousands of inmates from prison and packing others into county jails, cutting off healthcare to more than 200,000 children and drilling for oil off the Santa Barbara coast.

The governor presented lawmakers with two alternative budgets. The first was grim, addressing a $15.4-billion deficit that finance officials say the state will face even if voters approve a set of ballot measures in Tuesday's special election.

The second, a contingency plan, held more extreme remedies intended to close a $21.3-billion gap if the measures fail. Under that scenario, the state would borrow up to $2 billion from local governments, to be repaid within three years.

However, many Californians are fed-up and are speaking-up like "Bruce" with his published comment to the LA Times:

"The state must learn to live within it's means. If that means laying off the ALL the state workers that have been added in the last 10-years so be it. Our state government workforce has grown and grown yet the productive taxpayer base is shrinking. Productive members of our society are nearing retirement w/few qualified residents coming up the ranks. We are reaching the breaking point and it will get even uglier in the near future."