Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Remember to Renew your Association Membership!

Bel~Air Association Community Residents:

and remind your neighbors and new residents to do so as well. . .

Your renewal and contribution is vitally important to allow the Bel~Air Association to continue all the great work it does for our community.

The Bel~Air Association is an entirely community funded organization whose primary goal is to maintain the high standards of living that we all have come to cherish (but perhaps take for granted) in Bel~Air. 

Would Bel~Air be the same without the iconic Bel~Air Gates?

The Bel~Air Association - without any help from the City - exclusively maintains our gates and all the beautiful landscaped islands throughout our community.  Without your support, these would very quickly fall into disrepair.

Bel~Air Security Cam Project 
Are you concerned about the security of your home,  property and neighborhood?

The Bel~Air Association Security Committee has been working with the LAPD and security companies to enhance security and deter crime - including the installation of video surveillance systems at various entry point to our community (with the goal of providing video surveillance at almost every access point to the Bel~Air Hills.)

Are you aware of all the municipal projects surrounding our community that could have a devastating impact on Bel~Air? 

Just recently the Bel~Air Association help prevent a disastrous alternative redevelopment of the 405 that could potentially have caused a number of our residents to lose some or all of their property to eminent domain.  

The Bel~Air Association is strongly opposed to the proposed widening of Sunset Blvd. and the addition of cross-traffic Westbound Sunset Blvd.  on ramps to the 405.  These actions could dramatically increase the already unacceptable levels of traffic on Sunset Blvd. and create a virtual traffic blockage in front of the entirety of Bel~Air.  MOREOVER, we understand that the City's long term goal is to have the entire length of Sunset Blvd. widened and straightened to create yet another concrete thoroughfare (like Wilshire, Santa Monica and Olympic) -- destroying the beauty and history of one of our City's most precious residential streets.  

The Stone Canyon reservoir must be replaced with enclosed storage to meet current Federal & State water regulations.  The DWP's original proposal to cover the reservoir with a corrugated steel roof was deemed unacceptable by the Bel~Air Association as it would ruin the aesthetic qualities that we cherish and reduce our homes’ values.  The BAA's efforts instead resulted in an important victory when the DWP Commissioners approved building 3 buried tanks to replace the existing Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir.  The project was approved because it included a limited access hiking/walking trail park which will provide the citizens of LA a much needed recreational resource.   NOTE that the DWP has recently attempted to backtrack on its agreements -- and therefore the Bel~Air Association must remain vigilant.

Have you attended the Bel~Air Association annual meetings?

The next Bel~Air Association annual meeting will be on June 23rd -- and it is an event you do not want to miss.  We will discuss numerous community matters that will impact you and your property as well as  providing you with valuable information.

These are but a very few examples of what the Bel~Air Association does for you and our community. 

Thank you for your continued support -- with your membership and contribution, you will help ensure that Bel~Air remains one of the most revered and desirable communities in the world. 



I am trying to decide whether to switch my security service from Bel Air Patrol to ADT and I would like to know what experiences those of you who live around me have had. We have had Bel Air Patrol since their inception, but it is hard to know how good the service is until we a person gets robbed and we haven’t been robbed. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you, Richard