Friday, September 18, 2009

UCLA Volunteer Day “Community of Heroes Beacon” Sept. 20-21

As part of UCLA's Volunteer Day on September 22, the University will light up the sky on the nights of September 20 & 21 with the "Community of Heroes Beacon" (four blue columns of light).

The Beacon will be the herald for the UCLA Volunteer Day in which more than 6,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni will be mobilized to participate in restoration and beautification projects at eight locations in Los Angeles: Griffith Park, Point Dume State Beach, the VA Hospital and five underserved local schools. This is considered on of the largest single day volunteer events in any University’s history.

UCLA's Volunteer Day is part of their vision to create a “community of heroes” -- a corps of thousands of enlightened volunteers from the extended UCLA family and the greater community who are involved in a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and volunteering. The Beacon and Volunteer Day are also part of the kick off events for the new UCLA online Volunteer Center at

The hours of the show will be on both September 20 and 21 from sunset until 1am.

UCLA staff has worked to ensure that the direct beams will have no significant impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

We congratulate UCLA on such a powerful movement of volunteerism. The resounding positive impact this will have on our community, and city as a whole, will certainly be easy to see!

We hope many will take the opportunity to enjoy the show.