Thursday, October 29, 2009

405 Widening Community Meeting - The Bel~Air Association Continues to Look Out for our Community!

This memorandum of meeting and notes was provided by our friends at The Getty Center:

Date/Time: Thursday, October 29, 2009 10:00 am

Location: Getty Center; Museum Lecture Hall

Subject: Community concerns related to the 405 widening project

Attendees - Representatives from:

Bel~Air Association

Westside Neighborhood Committee


Bel Air Knolls

Encino Neighborhood Council

Bel-Air Council/ Roscomare Valley Association

Westwood South of Santa Monica Blvd. Home Owner association

Bel Air Skycrest


Brentwood Glen


Getty Trust


Sound Walls and Bridges:


· The community wants to see a unified design approach through the Sepulveda Pass

· Walls should match adjacent freeway walls (west side to east side)

· How do proposed walls compare to those South of the 10 freeway?

· Aesthetic of “Getty walls” generally liked

· “Getty” soil-nail wall preferred to the one that is proposed

· Proposed walls too massive – soften with planting

· Are “plant pockets” an option?

· Precast “tiles” or patterns (similar to Cerritos)

· Graffiti – sectional walls for more cohesive maintenance

· Mulholland Bridge as a positive example of modern, simple, unadorned style. This sleek style should be replicated in all three bridges

· Over/underpasses – review the pedestrian experience

· Design should be capable of including future solar power options

· Staggering of walls?


· Animal/Pedestrian bridges, work with city to resolve access issues (EIR plan left animals stranded on an island in traffic)

· Lighting plan (homes/Graffiti)

· Bel Air Crest in danger from car fires

· Connection with overall LA bicycle lane concept pan


· What is the scope of Metro/Caltrans landscape budget?

· Proposals that do not cause additional problems (ivy/rats)

· Which proposed plants are low maintenance?

· Preconstruction (staging) effect on landscape

· Plan for future maintenance

· Maturation plan of plants

· Impact on existing trees – relocation?

· Maintenance programs?

Requests for Metro

· Additional meeting; one to discuss Landscape and pre-construction, second to discuss construction.

· Communication with the City of Los Angeles

· Attendance for the City of LA and any other stake holders/organizations or regulators

· Samples of plant materials

Action Items for Community

· Individual community groups (with landscape design members) to review the proposed pant list and create recommendations for Metro

· Recruit local elected officials and their offices to attend design meetings


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