Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The End of an Era - Nicolas Cage's Copa de Oro Mansion Reportedly Sells @ Auction



Stephen Shapiro, the real estate agent for Nicolas Cage's Copa de Oro mansion, confirms to Curbed that an offer for the house has been accepted. After a year on the market at $29.999 million, then $17.5 million, and a few weeks off the MLS, the house was relisted in early September, asking for sealed bids starting at $9.95 million. Shapiro won't tell us who's going to be paying (probably) upwards of $10 million for the gilded Tudor, but our best guesses are Cage nemeses Lex Luthor,Nathan Arizona, Donald Kaufman, or a shadowy secret society after secret American riches.

Cage is reportedly on the hook to the IRS for more than $6 million (he's blaming his manager), and now's your chance to own one of his many, many properties. Histwo New Orleans houses have been foreclosed on and will be sold in a sheriff's auction next month. His castle in Bath is on the market, and so are houses in Las Vegas and Rhode Island.