Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Security Alert from our Friends in Holmby / Westwood

On 10/7/09, at approximately 12:40 PM, officers responded to a report of a Burglary in progress in the 700 block of S. Beverly Glen Blvd. Several patrol units responded and formed a perimeter in the area while a search for possible suspect(s) was conducted.
The search revealed that the suspect(s) were gone on arrival. The investigation revealed that a burglary occurred at the residence and a report was taken. The investigation in on going.
Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer

HWPOA Security Committee report:
A male transient was discovered jumping over fences and through backyards along Loring during the day on Thursday, October 8.. ACS officers pursued him through neighborhood streets, caught him and turned him over to the LAPD.

But we must all be security-conscious, keeping our doors and windows secured at all times. Cars have been routinely broken into, many are unlocked which invites criminal activity.

As always, we would like to remind you to stay alert and a good neighbor. If you see something that doesn't seem right, call your security service right away or take down any specific information to give to police.