Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunset @ 405 Left Turn Lanes - Minor Uproar & Mea Culpa

There has been a minor uproar concerning my last BLOG post relating to Sunset Blvd. and the proposed Left Turn Lanes at the 405 Freeway overpass.

Our friends at Curbed LA picked up our post and rightly questioned the same HERE.

The following is a very nice email received from Assemblymember Mike Feuer's office:

"I believe that the most recent Bel Air Association blog post is partly in error. The bridge widening is part of the 405 HOV Lane Project, the details of which have been thoroughly vetted by the community and have been environmentally cleared. The dual left-turn lane on westbound Sunset to northbound 405 was an LADOT proposal shown in the slides dating back in May of this year. That proposal has since been dropped at a meeting requested by the Brentwood Community Council and Westwood Hills HOA between Metro, Caltrans and LADOT and representatives of the BCC and Westwood Hills, at which several electeds' representatives were present, including me. I hope this clears up any confusion, and someone may want to contact Neal Broverman at LA Curbed to clarify." [Emphasis added]

I understand the above email from Assemblymember Mike Feuer's office is entirely accurate.

My posting was a result of an email I received yesterday containing the "presentation slides" that I proceeded to post on the BLOG without enough due diligence as to its current relevance.

Since such time I have done the diligence, and understand that Caltrans has agreed NOT to provide for the left turn lanes because of the enormous public outcry against the same.

Regardless, mea culpa.


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