Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunset @ 405 - Proposed Westbound Dual Cross Traffic Left Turn Lanes

Below please find slides from a May 29, 2009 presentation just obtained.
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In brief, the proposal is to widen the bridge and to add two left-turn cross traffic lanes on westbound Sunset, so that drivers can merge onto the northbound freeway 405 from Sunset Blvd. Right now, drivers must take Sepulveda Boulevard to Moraga Drive to merge onto the freeway.

Let me share a few major concerns for our community as Sunset Blvd. fronts practically all of Bel~Air (and many of us live on Sunset Blvd. as well):

(1) This proposal appears to be "step one" in an effort to widen and turn all of Sunset Blvd. into a major traffic artery (more than it already is. . .) Sunset Blvd. should NEVER be made into a highway! It is primarily a residential street all the way from the Ocean to the Eastside of Beverly Hills. (As compared to Wilshire, Santa Monica, Olympic and Pico which are all commercial thoroughfares.)

(2) The two (2) proposed left turn (cross traffic) lanes on Westbound Sunset to the Northbound 405 onramp could turn Sunset Blvd. into a virtual parking lot. Have you ever seen Sunset Blvd. West of the 405 at rush hour? It is absolutely gridlocked from cars waiting to get on the 405 onramp. Right now, such traffic is diverted from Westbound Sunset onto Sepulveda. But if these new turn lanes are built - like bees to honey the cars will come - and we will have dramatically increased traffic and congestion on Sunset for miles.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God! You forgot to mention the traffic and congestion that would be created on both the 405 and Sunset Blvd. (going both ways) during the YEARS AND YEARS it will take to widen the bridge and build the new ramps and lanes. This is CRAZY. We need to encourage smarter transportation and development -- and stop paving over our beautiful city and turning it into one huge freeway.

Anonymous said...

It has been proven time and time again, the 'easing' traffic congestion only creates more congestion by expanding lanes. It seems like the north bound vehicles from east of the 405 could be better served via a dedicated ramp, omit their need to use sepulveda. Left turns are not very efficient, UPS studied it and changed them after seeing the results also saves fuel. 405 South bound vehicles from the east have a dedicated lane thus omitting the traffic signal at sunset/church. It should be reviewd how the traffic flows from sunset east bound onto church north bound to sepulveda. I would also like to see what effect closing fwy exit at Moraga during rush hour to minimize the congestion of the merging traffic from sunset east bound to 405 north.