Wednesday, October 21, 2009

West LAPD Community Alert - October 2009


As of the Beginning of October 2009, the Basic Car area has had a -43% decrease in Violent Crime (serious crime) and a -13% decrease in total Part 1 crime (serious and property crime combined). I attribute much of the success in reducing crime to the community and police partnerships, Neighborhood and Business Watches and overall community awareness.

Currently Burglary Theft from Motor vehicles (BTFMV) account for most of the crime in the Basic Car Area. Any items left in plain view, regardless of its value, will be targeted. The cost of repairing a smashed window ranges from $500 to over $1000 depending on the type of vehicle you drive. This crime is preventable simply by removing ALL property from your car, regardless of value.

Construction site Burglaries and Thefts are on the rise, especially in the hillside areas north of Sunset Blvd. These are difficult to impact due to the number of remodel and new build construction projects occurring throughout the West Los Angeles Area. Securely locked metal and steel storage containers have proven ineffective to deter these crimes. The property being targeted has primarily been construction tools and equipment. It is our recommendation that all tools and equipment be carried on and off site on a daily basis unless there is an onsite security guard after hours.


NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273

Senior Lead Officer Christopher Ragsdale

West Los Angeles Community Police Station

Office: 310-444-0741 Cell: 213-305-5895





Westwood Blvd. & LeConte Ave. (RD 817) 10/19/09, at 1640 hours, The victim had just exited the Best Buy Store, when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect called the victim derogatory hate term and then walked in front of the victim and simulated he had a weapon in his coat pocket. The suspect stated, "Give me your money, again using a derogatory hate term. The victim was in fear for his life and ran away. The victim called police and the suspect was located and arrested. The suspect was a Parolee at Large for Receiving Stolen Property. There was an independent witness who observed the victim running away from the suspect. Suspect: Male Black 47 years of age, Booked 664/2 11 PC (Attempted Robbery)

10861 Weyburn Ave. (BEST BUY) RD 817. 10/15/09, 2050 hours, Susps 1-3 entered business and posed as customers. When Wit-1 (Manager) approached them to ask if they needed help, S-1 displayed a handgun and ordered him into the office to open the safe. W-1 fearing for his life, complied with S-1 demands. Suspects then fled location on foot with victim's property. Property Taken: 2,280.00 Cash.

S-1: M,BLK,BLK, BRO, 508-510, 165-175 20-25 yrs. Weapon: Handgun

S-2: M, BLK, BLK, BRO, 601-603, 220-240, 20-25 yrs. No weapon seen

S-3: M, BLK, BLK, BRO, 506, 125-135, 18-20 yrs. No weapon seen


2400 block Briarcrest Road. RD 809. 10/3/09, 1500, Victim went to the suspect's home to confront the suspect about having his vehicle towed. The suspect opened his door and "charged" at the victim who subsequently pushed the suspect. The suspect then armed himself with a knife and chased the suspect off his property. Suspect: Male, White, 70 years old. ** Note: The suspect made a report against the victim for Battery).


300 block Madrano RD 0806. MO: On 10/03/09, between 0100 and 0115, nine male and female teenagers smashed the single family residence basement window, entered residence. No property taken, reported as 459 when discovered weeks later. CCTV video.

10700 block Ohio Ave. RD 0833. MO: Between 10/11/09 at 1830 and 10/14/09 at 2100, suspect(s) cut apartment garage door lock, removed a bicycle.

15400 block Hamner Ave. RD 0805. MO: Construction site. Between 10/13/09 at 1200 and 10/14/09 at 0830, suspect(s) pried the garage door, removed tools.

2400 block Nalin, RD 0805. MO: Construction site. Between 10/13/09 at 1600 and 10/14/09 at 0615, suspect(s) forced "office" door secured by wire/nail and removed a vacuum cleaner and fax machine.

13800 block Mulholland Drive. RD 0808. MO: Construction site. Between 10/09/09 at 1430 and 10/12/09 at 0630, suspect(s) entered unsecured structure, removed tools.

700 block Beverly Glen Blvd. RD 0829. MO: On 10/07/09, at 1230, victim returned home found residence ransacked, found suspects secreted in attic. Victim and suspects fled. It was found that suspect(s) pried the rear door, removed $200 in cash. Suspects described as two male Hispanics, 507/8, 30-35 years.

2000 block N. Beverly Drive. RD 0808. MO: Between 10/01/09 at 1400 and 10/03/09 at 2230, suspect(s) smashed the single family residence rear slider, removed $1,000 in cash.

2200 block Betty Lane. RD 0809. MO: On 10/02/09, between 1300 and 1400, suspect(s) opened the single family residence rear bathroom slider, ransacked the interior. No identified loss.

10300 Eastborne Ave. RD 0829. MO: On 10/02/09, between 1515 and 1630, suspect(s) pried the single family residence rear door, removed a digital camera and jewelry.


10-15-09, 1230/1530 RD 0833 10800 Wilshire Blvd. Pry Pkg lot Laptop

10-15-09, 0005/1000 RD 0855 1600 Bentley Ave. Smash Sub Gar Camera

10-16-09, 1920/2100 RD 0817 1000 Broxton Ave. Pry Pkg lot 3rd row seat

10-16-09, 1600/1150 RD 0833 10900 Ashton Ave. Cut Sub Gar Adapter

10-13-09, 1900/1030 RD 0833 1300 Kelton Ave. Smash Sub Gar GPS, IPOD (multi-2 )

10-13-09, 2000/0715 RD 0833 1300 Midvale Ave. Smash Sub Gar Ipod, charger

10-09-09, 1100/1500 RD 0816 600 Veteran Ave Garage Susp removed speakers

10-09-09, 1200/1200 RD 0828 10700 Wilshire Blvd. Pkg Lot Susp removed lic plate

10-07-09, 1500/1715 RD 0817 Brockton/Weyburn Sub Gar Smash Laptop

10-04-09, 1900/0830 RD 0808 9800 Yoakum Dr. Carport Susp removed cash, sunglasses

10-03-09, 2100/1600 RD 0855 1500 Greenfield Ave. Carport Unk Wallet, Cash

09-29-09, 2000/0815 RD 0834 10500 Ashton Ave. Pkg lot Smash Cash, Wallet


Retail Store-1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0816 Bras $3825

Residential-10600 block Eastborne Ave. RD0834 Television $450

Residential- 1400 block Veteran Ave. RD 0833 Clothes $950

Retail Store-1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0817 Clothing $530

Street-2900 block Beverly Glen Cir. RD 0807 Cash, Ipod $1040

Street-10300 block Wilshire Blvd. RD 0829 Keys $475

Condo garage-1400 block Greenfield Ave. RD 0855 Bike $1500

Business-1400 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0833 Currency, Wallet $2500


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