Tuesday, November 17, 2009



From: The Bel-Air Association Security Committee

We understand that two criminal incidents have occurred in our community in the last week or two.

A burglary incident occurred on Bellagio just west of the West Gate during the late afternoon. We believe a carload of 3-4 perpetrators broke into the house. The residents were not home, but the house alarm was activated and ACS, the primary security company for Bel-Air, responded immediately to the house alarm and the perpetrators left within 2-4 minutes, just seconds before ACS responded with its patrol service. The quick action by ACS prevented greater losses in the burglary.

And, a brazen auto break-in occurred late at night around 4 am on Sarbonne near Chalon when a perpetrator jumped over an 8' wall and broke into a homeowner's garage and burglarized his car. The residents were home and it is possible that the perpetrator would have tried to enter the house, but an ACS patrol car was on normal patrol and the perpetrator jumped into the "get-away car" and drove off.

We understand the LAPD may be able to obtain video images of the perpetrators or their cars, but we encourage all residents to take action to protect themselves and their possessions.

For example,always lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings. When leaving the house, check and make sure you are not being watched. If you see anything you feel is suspicious, (vehicles, persons, activity) do two things.

1. Immediately call ACS Security ((310) 475-9016) and request an officer to respond to the location.

2. Write down everything you can observe, particularly the vehicle license plate number, color, make,descriptions of occupants and activity and date/time.

If you have such items as ladders, or items that might be used to gain access to windows or balconies, make sure that they are locked up or chained so they are not available to potential criminals.

Do not leave anything in the passenger compartment of any visible vehicle. It only takes 30 seconds to smash a window and grab an article. If you leave anything in the trunk, be sure no one is watching you put things in the trunk.

If you leave your house even for a short time, it is a good idea to leave some lights, and possibly a radio, on some sort of timer that will give the impression someone is there.

If you have an alarm system, be sure to activate the system when leaving home, even for short periods. It is a good idea to also activate it when watching TV at home or retiring for the night. And, if possible, alarm systems should also make sure that areas like master bedrooms, offices, or closets, are protected by motion sensors.

Finally, if you believe a crime is taking place, immediately call 911!

In order to further protect our community, the Bel-Air Association is undertaking a new Neighborhood Monitoring Program to encourage all homeowners who have the ability to record images of street traffic to obtain cameras and recording devices and register with the Bel-Air Association so we will have a database to assist the LAPD in the event of future criminal activity. We will be sending out more information about the program in the near future, but if you would like to participate in the program, please contact us.

Thank you for time and attention!

The Bel-Air Security Committee


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