Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hear All Those Helicopters Overhead? This is Why - 8 Protesters Arrested at UC Regents Meeting at UCLA

UPDATE: I am watching the Regent Meeting live and things are getting very heated and a bit scary. The Regents just asked that the room be cleared. . .

The Committee on Finance of the UC Board of Regents approved two undergraduate student fee increases that would raise current fees by a total of 32 percent for fall 2010.

If passed by the full board tomorrow, a mid-year increase will go into effect for winter quarter, and the remaining hike will be instituted fall 2010.

Fourteen protesters have been arrested so far.

LOS ANGELES -- Campus police at the University of California, Los Angeles have arrested eight protesters who repeatedly interrupted UC regent board members meeting about a student fee increase.

Hundreds of boisterous protesters remain outside the campus room in the Covel Commons area where the meeting is being held.

They're holding banners protesting the likely vote to increase fees and shouting, "Cut from the top!"

The people were arrested Wednesday morning and booked for unlawful assembly, according to University police Sgt. John Gutierrez.

As armed, uniformed officers approached the protesters, they locked arms and sang the civil rights anthem, "We Shall Overcome."

No one was injured.

It wasn't immediately clear how many of the arrested protesters were students.

The Board of Regents is considering boosting fees by 32 percent in two stages. A vote is expected by a board committee later Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

As a proud UCLA Graduate from over a decade ago, I am delighted with my education and experience -- but I also know that my tuition was the deal of the century. I agree that it would be great if our State and Country could provide a free education for everyone all the way to the top -- but that is not reality.

Everyone is hurting in this economy. With my decade old UCLA degree I am earning a mere fraction of what I was making just a few years back. Why is it that one particular segment of our society should be immune? It is not that I am unsympathetic, but we must all expect to share in a bit of the pain.

And I watched the BRUIN Live Feed of the Regents meeting today -- and I was disgusted at the profanities spewed forth by some of the students attending. Yes, it is a passionate issue, but you must show respect if you expect respect in return. The sense of entitlement from one particularly filthy-mouthed woman was heartbreaking. She should be sent to India and compete there where only the best of the best of the best (i.e., the top 1-2%) even get to attend university.

We are blessed in this country and these kids need to wake-up and get a education in how the real world works. Or perhaps that is exactly what they are getting now.