Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There has been a recent emerging trend of daytime Residential Burglaries (Break Ins) occurring between Wilshire Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. on the north/south boundaries and Beverly Glen and Veteran Ave on the East/West boundaries. The suspect(s) have been forcing entry by prying open doors or windows. Once inside the suspect(s) are removing small electronics, laptop computers, cameras and jewelry.
Residents are encouraged to re-assess their home security. It is recommended all doors and windows have heavy duty industrial strength deadbolts installed on all doors. Windows should have a secondary double locking mechanism to re-enforce the existing window locks. All windows and doors should be alarmed including 2nd story exterior doors and windows and additionally motion sensors should be installed in the master bed and bathroom areas. Security surveillance cameras are also recommended. For night time I highly recommend motion sensor lighting for the side and rear yard areas of your residence.
Document ANY suspicious activity by obtaining a vehicle description, vehicle license plate, number of suspect(s) and suspect description of any uncertain activity. If you believe a crime may be in progress, has occurred or is about to occur call 911 immediately! Reference this community alert when calling. Neighborhood Watch has also been proven to be effective in preventing these or impacting these crimes.
Construction site Burglaries and Thefts continue to occur, especially in the hillside areas north of Sunset Blvd. These are difficult to impact due to the number of remodel and new build construction projects occurring throughout the West Los Angeles Area. Secure locked metal and steel storage containers have proven ineffective to deter these crimes. The property being targeted has primarily been construction tools and equipment. It is our recommendation that all tools and equipment be carried on and off site on a daily basis unless there is an onsite security guard after hours.
NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895
Website: www.lapdonline.org
Glenrock Ave/Ophir Dr. RD 837. MO: On 11/16/09, 0430 hours, The victim parked her vehicle at her residence and started to walk when suspect approached victim from behind and lightly pushed a sharp object to victim lower back. The suspect demanded the victim's money. The victim complied out of fear and handed suspect $40.00. The suspect ran to an unknown model white 4dr sedan and fled.
Suspect: Male, Black, black hair, brown eyes, 5'11", 180 lbs, 25/30 years old, wearing a Black sweatshirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes. Property taken: US Currency $40.00
1200 block Holmby Ave. RD 0829. MO: On 11/16/09, between 1045 and 1340, suspect(s) entered the SFR by unknown means, removed jewelry/coins.
500 block N. Beverly Glen Blvd. RD 0806. MO: On 11/11/09, between 1030 and 1330 hours, suspect(s) entered the SFR unlocked garage, removed gardening trowel, used trowel pry the bathroom window and remove jewelry.
1400 block Warner Ave. RD 0829. MO: On 11/13/09, between 1220 and 1330, suspect(s) forced the SFR rear doggy door, went through interior. There was no identified property loss.
10800 block Holman Ave. RD 0855. MO: On 11/14/09, between 1130 and 2120, suspect(s) pried the SFR front window, removed a computer.
9400 block Rembert Ln. RD 0809. Construction site. MO: Between 10-30-09, 0500 and 11-11-09, unknown suspect(s) entered unlocked door and removed kitchen appliances.
10500 block Ohio Ave. RD 0834. MO: On 11/11/09, between 1145 and 1300, suspect(s) removed the SFR bathroom window screen, removed a wristwatch.
10500 block Wilkins Ave. RD 0834. MO: On 11/11/09, between 1130 and 1710, suspect(s) opened the SFR rear slider, removed jewelry, a video camera, and handgun.
700 block Glenmont Ave. RD 0828. MO: Construction site. Between 11/07/09 at 1430 and 11/09/09 at 0650, suspect(s) torched garage door locks, removed tools.
500 block Kelton Ave. RD 0817. MO: Between 11/01/09 and 11/08/09, suspect(s) pried the apartment glass slider, removed a TV.
800 block Westholme Ave. RD 0828. MO: Between 11/05/09 at 1700 and 11/08/09 at 1200 suspect(s) removed $1500 from a larger stack of wrapped US currency. No forced entry, victim has household workers he suspects, reported as burglary.
2300 block Coldwater Canyon, RD 0809. MO: On 11/04/09, between 1015 and 1500, suspect(s) entered the SFR via an unlocked rear door, removed a Persian rug.
2200 block Betty Ln. RD 0809. MO: Construction site. Between 11/03/09 at 1530 and 11/04/09 at 0700, suspect(s) entered the open frame structure (no doors, windows, etc), cut open conveyable lock boxes, removed tools.
11-14-09, 1900/0630 RD 808 9700 block Royce Court. Driveway 98, Lexus Gry
11-12-09, 2030/0225 RD 828 900 block Hilgard Ave. Driveway 10, Chev, Mal Gry
11/08-11/09, 2345-1300 RD 829 1400 block Pandora Ave. street 04 H2 Hummer SUV
11-06-09, 2230/0130 RD 0817 Weyburn/Westwood Street 1998 Chevrolet Camaro
11-04-09, 2300/0600 RD 0805 200 block Ashdale Ave. Garage 2001 Lexus LS430
11-14-09, 2000/2100 RD 833 Wilshire/Veteran Prk Str, Smash, CC Wallet
11-13-09, 1930/0010 RD 808 1200 block Beverly Estate Dr. Street, key, No Prop taken.
11-10-09, 0200/0830 RD 833 1300 block Midvale Ave. Garage Camera
11/03-11/04, 2000-0600 RD 83310900 block Wellworth Ave. park lot wallet, cash, cc
11/08/09, 1500 RD 806 600 block Sarbonne Rd. carport GPS, phone chargers
11/02-11/03, 2300-0900 RD 833 10900 block Wellworth Ave. park lot GPS, Headset, keys
11-07-09/11-08-09, 2300/0800 RD 0819 300 block Norcroft Ave. Driveway Smash Purse
11-07-09/11-08-09, 2330/1000 RD 0828 10500 block Strathmore Dr.Driveway Smash Backpack
11-07-09/11-08-09, 2215/0600 RD 0828 10500 block Strathmore Dr.Driveway Smash Laptop
11-08-09, 0515 RD 0806 2000 block Roscomare Rd. Street Smash Wallet
Business-10900 block Wilshire Bl. RD 0833 Laptop $6000
Residential-1900 block N. Beverly Dr. RD 0808 Stereo $1800
Business- 10900 block Weyburn Ave. RD 0817 Currency $14
Residential- 700 block Thayer Ave. RD 0828 AC Unit $1030
Residential-2200 block Beverly Glen Pl. RD 0807 Jewelry $11,740
Residential/Garage-1300 block Midvale Ave RD 0833 Bike $50
Residential-400 block Kelton Ave. RD 0816 Coins, Q tips $6


Jeremy said...

Neighborhood watch programs recruit people who want to feel like they belong. That desire to belong gets exploited by the national organizations sending directions to these programs. The neighborhood watch members will get tricked into stalking people (usually political dissidents) without even knowing it.