Monday, November 23, 2009

Moraga Project 2009 - Beautifying the Moraga Traffic Island

Moraga Residents -

Please see below a letter requesting your support to restore and beautify an important portion of the neighborhood.



Dear Moraga Resident:

As Chairman of the "Keep Bel-Air Beautiful Fund", I am writing this letter with your neighborhood resident Mr. Fred Sands.

As you well know, the Moraga Island is in serious need of landscaping. In addition, just around the corner from the island on the east side of Sepulveda, blighted trees have recently been removed only to reveal an unsightly backdrop.

Immediate action must be taken to restore the beauty of this part of your neighborhood.

In 1993, the "Keep Bel-Air Beautiful Fund" was created to improve many public sights in need of upgrading. In these challenging economic times, we have learned we all have to be more vigilant in dedicating ourselves to maintaining our neighborhood. We cannot depend on our local and state governments to provide funds for even the smallest of maintenance projects.

The Bel-Air Beautiful Fund, and the Bel-Air Garden Club have joined together to combine funds for what we are now calling the “MORAGA PROJECT.” We are asking that you as neighbors partner with us and adopt your island.

Our goal is to have your island and the Sepulveda area repaired, restored, and landscaped for the upcoming holidays.

A beautiful and low-maintenance landscaping model has already been prepared for the island. Drought resistant trees have been identified that will camouflage the questioned Sepulveda area.

We hope that you will support the fantastic "Moraga Project" and that you respond quickly to our fundraising effort via the enclosed envelope. Our goal is to have completion take place before the Holiday Season, so it can bring cheer to our neighbors and visitors.

Very Sincerely,

Cynthia Arnold
Chair, Keep Bel-Air Beautiful


Fred Sands
Moraga Neighbor