Friday, October 30, 2009

Green Light to BREAK GROUND - Fire Station 71 Fence

The green lights in this picture are for more than just traffic movement.......they also symbolize that the Fire Station 71 fence project is a "GO." The Bel-Air Association is pleased to announce the Los Angeles City Council's approved the project on October 28,2009.

The Fire Station 71 fence was diligently pursued to encompass two areas of concern, safety and security. Upon completion of the gate and wall, safety for both civilians and fire department members will be achieved. Specifically, it will keep unauthorized vehicles and pedestrians out of the emergency response route at the rear of the Fire Station.

After the 16 month process, we would like to extend a special thanks to several key individuals: Michael LoGrande, Chief Zoning Administrator and Alfredo Perez, LA City Planning Assistant of the Los Angeles City Planning Department, and Paulette DuBey, General Manager of the Bel-Air Association.

We would also like to thank Mr. Robert Ringler, President of the Bel-Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, Councilmember Paul Koretz, Joan Pelico, Senior Field Deputy (CD-5), Stephen & Barbara Bollenbach, Elliott Broidy, the Holmby-Westwood Homeowners Association, and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment for their generous contributions that made this project a reality for the residents of Bel-Air and the surrounding neighborhoods.

John Rotondi, Owner of Rotondi Construction, will be offering a reduced rate to construct the fence. He hopes to break-ground as soon as Monday November 2, 2009. We sincerely appreciate his efforts, generosity and hard work.


As a safety update, there was another Bobcat sighting on Chalon Road this morning at approximately 7:45am. One of our Bel-Air Association members said their gardener witnessed the feline walking up their driveway.

Please continue to keep your pets in safe quarters as there have been recent incidents involving these animals attacking neighborhood pets. Additionally, please maintain a good-level of precaution for personal safety.

Tips like these will help continue to keep our community safe. Please feel free to report additional sightings or incidents as they arise.

The Bel-Air Association phone number is: 310.474.3527

Thursday, October 29, 2009

405 Widening Community Meeting - The Bel~Air Association Continues to Look Out for our Community!

This memorandum of meeting and notes was provided by our friends at The Getty Center:

Date/Time: Thursday, October 29, 2009 10:00 am

Location: Getty Center; Museum Lecture Hall

Subject: Community concerns related to the 405 widening project

Attendees - Representatives from:

Bel~Air Association

Westside Neighborhood Committee


Bel Air Knolls

Encino Neighborhood Council

Bel-Air Council/ Roscomare Valley Association

Westwood South of Santa Monica Blvd. Home Owner association

Bel Air Skycrest


Brentwood Glen


Getty Trust


Sound Walls and Bridges:


· The community wants to see a unified design approach through the Sepulveda Pass

· Walls should match adjacent freeway walls (west side to east side)

· How do proposed walls compare to those South of the 10 freeway?

· Aesthetic of “Getty walls” generally liked

· “Getty” soil-nail wall preferred to the one that is proposed

· Proposed walls too massive – soften with planting

· Are “plant pockets” an option?

· Precast “tiles” or patterns (similar to Cerritos)

· Graffiti – sectional walls for more cohesive maintenance

· Mulholland Bridge as a positive example of modern, simple, unadorned style. This sleek style should be replicated in all three bridges

· Over/underpasses – review the pedestrian experience

· Design should be capable of including future solar power options

· Staggering of walls?


· Animal/Pedestrian bridges, work with city to resolve access issues (EIR plan left animals stranded on an island in traffic)

· Lighting plan (homes/Graffiti)

· Bel Air Crest in danger from car fires

· Connection with overall LA bicycle lane concept pan


· What is the scope of Metro/Caltrans landscape budget?

· Proposals that do not cause additional problems (ivy/rats)

· Which proposed plants are low maintenance?

· Preconstruction (staging) effect on landscape

· Plan for future maintenance

· Maturation plan of plants

· Impact on existing trees – relocation?

· Maintenance programs?

Requests for Metro

· Additional meeting; one to discuss Landscape and pre-construction, second to discuss construction.

· Communication with the City of Los Angeles

· Attendance for the City of LA and any other stake holders/organizations or regulators

· Samples of plant materials

Action Items for Community

· Individual community groups (with landscape design members) to review the proposed pant list and create recommendations for Metro

· Recruit local elected officials and their offices to attend design meetings

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As part of the pre-construction activities for the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening Project, the Contractor will be potholing and surveying underground utilities on streets running adjacent to the San Diego Freeway (I-405). This day time activity requires street lane closures to facilitate the safe use of boring equipment.

What: Street lane closures and potholing

When: Work is anticipated to start on Thursday, October 29, 2009 for approximately 3 weeks. Work activity hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Where: Sepulveda Blvd. between Montana and Ovada

What to expect:

· Traffic will be reconfigured with one lane in each direction.

· Local access to businesses and residences will be maintained.

· Pedestrians will be rerouted to a safe area outside the

construction zone.

· Access to all on and off freeway ramps will be maintained.

· Emergency vehicle access will be maintained.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Strong to damaging' winds to batter L.A. through Wednesday morning; cable snaps on Bay Bridge

From the LA TIMES

The National Weather Service issued an alert this evening warning of “strong to damaging" northerly winds in Southern California that will continue through Wednesday morning.

Wind gusts topping 50 mph swept into Los Angeles County this afternoon, causing scattered power outages from downed power lines in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys.

In the Bay Area, a cable snapped on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, hitting three vehicles. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the cable was on a newly built span of the bridge's upper deck. Caltrans engineers were checking the structural integrity of the bridge, according to the newspaper.

TV footage showed that wind knocked down a large sign at a Jack in the Box restaurant in North Hollywood, and that police had blocked off part of Saticoy Street because of downed power lines.

According to the weather service, strong gusts hit Malibu, Van Nuys, Lancaster and other areas this afternoon.

Warnings were issued to boaters, and firefighters were placed on alert because the winds bring new fire dangers. There was a small fire this afternoon in the Sepulveda Pass that firefighters quickly contained.

In areas burned in the recent Station fire, the wind blew up large amounts of dust and debris.

--Shelby Grad, Rong-Gong Lin II, Andrew Blankstein

Assembly Member Mike Feuer @ BABCNC Board Meeting

Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council

Assembly Member Mike Feuer To Attend

BABCNC'S October Board Meeting
Mike Feuer

Please Join Us and Welcome Guest Speaker Assembly Member Mike Feuer on
Wednesday, October 28, 7 PM at the BABCNC Board Meeting. The meeting will be held at the Community Magnet School, 11301 Bellagio Road.

Assembly Member Feuer will discuss such issues as the State Budget, I-405 Constructions Projects and Water Restrictions.
For more information, please e-mail

About Mike Feuer
Mike Feuer was elected to represent California's 42nd Assembly District in 2006. The chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Mike has emerged as a leader on many of the most significant issues confronting California: improving state and regional transportation; reforming public education and the structure of state government; diminishing the health threat posed by toxics; confronting California's water crisis; combating dangers posed by gun violence and drunk driving; and fighting for equal civil rights.

Mike wrote the law authorizing Los Angeles's Measure R, which will fund $40 billion in dramatic transportation improvements throughout Los Angeles County. He authored the biggest leap forward in chemicals policy in decades, granting California officials broad authority to regulate dangerous chemicals found in consumer products. Mike wrote the Crime Gun Identification Act, endorsed by more than 65 police chiefs and sheriffs, establishing the nation's first requirement that semi-automatic handguns be equipped with technology that imprints bullet cartridges with data establishing who purchased the gun that fired them. Now he is focused on bills to promote sweeping water conservation measures; use technology to produce a major decrease in drunk driving; and post grades at nursing homes. Mike is also a key leader on efforts to broadly reform state government.

Mike served on the Los Angeles City Council for six years, delivering budgets that were on time, balanced and effective when he chaired its Budget and Finance Committee. Prior to his Council service he led Bet Tzedek Legal Services, The House of Justice, which provided free legal assistance to more than 50,000 primarily elderly and disabled clients during his tenure. Mike has practiced law at two of California's leading law firms, taught both law and public policy at UCLA and been a commentator on National Public Radio station KPCC.

He has received dozens of honors for his leadership throughout his career, including awards from the California and Los Angeles Leagues of Conservation Voters, Equality/California, the Congress of California Seniors, the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, the American Planning Association, Building L.A.'s Future, the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Western Basin Water District, the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice, Jewish Family Service, and numerous other organizations.

Mike is a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School. He and his wife, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gail Ruderman Feuer, have been married for twenty-six years. They have two teenage children.

For more information, please visit

Monday, October 26, 2009

Community Alert - West LAPD


Currently Burglary Theft from Motor vehicles (BTFMV) account for the majority of the crime in the Basic Car Area. Any items left in plain view, regardless of its value, will be targeted. The cost of repairing a smashed window ranges from $500 to over $1000 depending on the type of vehicle you drive. This crime is preventable simply by removing ALL property from your car, regardless of value.
Construction site Burglaries and Thefts are continuing to occur, especially in the hillside areas north of Sunset Blvd. These are difficult to impact due to the number of remodel and new build construction projects occurring throughout the West Los Angeles Area. Securely locked metal and steel storage containers have proven ineffective to deter these crimes. The property being targeted has primarily been construction tools and equipment. It is our recommendation that all tools and equipment be carried on and off site on a daily basis unless there is an onsite security guard after hours.
NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895
Veteran Ave & Gayley Ave. RD: 815 Victim: Female White 19yrs. MO: On 10/23/09, FRI-0100 hrs to 0200 hrs.Victim sat on curb when suspect approached on foot. The suspect forced victim to a dark, wooded area and raped her. Suspect: Male Black 507 20/29, Dark colored sweatshirt. Weapon: Bodily Force/Verbal Threats.
11000 block Cashemere St. RD 815. MO: 10/20/09, 2330 to 10/21/09, 1420 hours. Suspect entered unlocked window and removed jewelry.
10900 block Bellagio Rd, RD 0806. MO: On 10/23/09, at 1550, susp(s) pried SFR rear French door, activated alarm. Unknown loss. if any.
10800 Wilshire Blvd. RD 0828. MO: Between 10/22/09 at 2230 and 10/23/09 at 0530, suspect(s) entered the high-rise condo by unknown means, removed a wristwatch and two laptops.
Grand Theft Auto:
10-18-09, 1830/0755 RD 0833 1300 block Midvale Sub Gar 2002 Honda Odessey
10-25-09, 1600/1730 RD 0837 Landfair/Strathmore Street 2007 Toyota Corolla
Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
09/16/09, 1200-1530 RD 0808 12700 block Mulholland Dr. Street tools
10-22-09, 2200/0700 RD 0805 11800 block Bel Terrace SmashStreet Bookbag
10-22-09, 2030/1230 RD 0834 1300 block Beverly Glen. Smash Sub Gar Unk
10-23-09, 1630/1800 RD 0805 900 block Casiano Rd. Smash Dwy Amplifier
10-21-09, 1200/1600 RD 0855 1400 Veteran Ave. Sub Gar-Susp removed wallet
Business-10800 block Wilshire Blvd. RD 0828 Laptop $2000
Residential-2100 block Stratford Circle. RD 0805. USB Drive $10,000
Residential-10500 block Wilshire Blvd. RD 0834 Concert Tkts $2200

West LAPD - C-PAB Meeting Tomorrow


West Los Angeles Community Police Station

West Los Angeles Senior Lead Office (310) 444-0735 October 2009


C-PAB Meeting

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7:00pm to 8:15pm

WLA Community Police Station, Roll Call Room

1663 Butler Avenue, LA 90025

A C-PAB is a group of civilian volunteers from the residential and business community of an Area. An Area C-PAB's role is to advise the Area commanding officer regarding crime and quality of life issues that affect the community. Additionally, C-PAB members are to disseminate information received from the Department back to the community. Community-Police Advisory Boards are Area specific and one source from which an Area commanding officer receives information.

At the meeting, you will receive information regarding police related issues in your area. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the officers and also given information in how to join C-PAB

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and meeting you personally.


Sergeant David Podesta (310)-444-0743

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Westside subway prevails in MTA's long-range plan

From the LA TIMES

In a victory for the mayor, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board today reaffirmed the Westside subway and a rail connection through downtown L.A. as the agency's top priorities for federal funding.

The board took the action despite calls from some in Southern California's congressional delegation that the MTA add other projects to its priority list for New Starts federal money, including light-rail extensions in the San Gabriel Valley, the Southside and the Eastside.

But backers of those projects did get a consolation prize as the MTA approved its long-range transportation plan, which outlines how it will spend an estimated $300 billion over the next 30 years.

The MTA board decided that those projects should be allowed to seek other types of federal funding.

Under the plan, L.A. County could see a significant increase in rail service in the coming decades. The extension of the Gold Line, for example, from Pasadena to the east could be complete by 2013, according to agency planning the line. The MTA agreed to operate the line if it is built before 2017.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been trying to fast-track the long-delayed Westside subway proposal.

He has been pushing to have the subway completed in 10 years — more than 15 years earlier than under current estimates. At his urging, the MTA board agreed to submit the subway expansion, as well as a plan to build a light-rail through downtown, as the county's two projects to compete for a share of a national pool of federal funding.

—Ari B. Bloomekatz

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As part of the pre-construction activities for the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening Project, the Contractor will perform geophysical surveys of underground utilities and will pothole on streets adjacent to the San Diego Freeway (I-405). This night time and day time activity requires street lane closures.

Street lane closures for potholing and ground penetrating radar during day and night.

• Mulholland Center Drive Bridge work is anticipated to start on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 for approximately 3 weeks. The hours of day time work activity are from 9:00am to 3:00pm with east and west bound street closures. Eastbound and westbound closures will not be congruent.

• Skirball Center Drive Bridge work is anticipated to start on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 for approximately 3 weeks. The hours of night time work activity are from 9:00pm to 6:00am with east and west bound street closures. Eastbound and westbound closures will not be congruent.

On Skirball Center Drive from Mulholland to Sepulveda Blvd I-405 onramp and
East and West of the Mulholland Bridge.

What to Expect:
• Local access to businesses and residences will be maintained.
• Pedestrians will be rerouted to a safe area outside the construction zone.
• Traffic will be reconfigured with one lane in each direction where allowable.
• Emergency vehicle access will be maintained.

West LAPD Community Alert - October 2009


As of the Beginning of October 2009, the Basic Car area has had a -43% decrease in Violent Crime (serious crime) and a -13% decrease in total Part 1 crime (serious and property crime combined). I attribute much of the success in reducing crime to the community and police partnerships, Neighborhood and Business Watches and overall community awareness.

Currently Burglary Theft from Motor vehicles (BTFMV) account for most of the crime in the Basic Car Area. Any items left in plain view, regardless of its value, will be targeted. The cost of repairing a smashed window ranges from $500 to over $1000 depending on the type of vehicle you drive. This crime is preventable simply by removing ALL property from your car, regardless of value.

Construction site Burglaries and Thefts are on the rise, especially in the hillside areas north of Sunset Blvd. These are difficult to impact due to the number of remodel and new build construction projects occurring throughout the West Los Angeles Area. Securely locked metal and steel storage containers have proven ineffective to deter these crimes. The property being targeted has primarily been construction tools and equipment. It is our recommendation that all tools and equipment be carried on and off site on a daily basis unless there is an onsite security guard after hours.


NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273

Senior Lead Officer Christopher Ragsdale

West Los Angeles Community Police Station

Office: 310-444-0741 Cell: 213-305-5895





Westwood Blvd. & LeConte Ave. (RD 817) 10/19/09, at 1640 hours, The victim had just exited the Best Buy Store, when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect called the victim derogatory hate term and then walked in front of the victim and simulated he had a weapon in his coat pocket. The suspect stated, "Give me your money, again using a derogatory hate term. The victim was in fear for his life and ran away. The victim called police and the suspect was located and arrested. The suspect was a Parolee at Large for Receiving Stolen Property. There was an independent witness who observed the victim running away from the suspect. Suspect: Male Black 47 years of age, Booked 664/2 11 PC (Attempted Robbery)

10861 Weyburn Ave. (BEST BUY) RD 817. 10/15/09, 2050 hours, Susps 1-3 entered business and posed as customers. When Wit-1 (Manager) approached them to ask if they needed help, S-1 displayed a handgun and ordered him into the office to open the safe. W-1 fearing for his life, complied with S-1 demands. Suspects then fled location on foot with victim's property. Property Taken: 2,280.00 Cash.

S-1: M,BLK,BLK, BRO, 508-510, 165-175 20-25 yrs. Weapon: Handgun

S-2: M, BLK, BLK, BRO, 601-603, 220-240, 20-25 yrs. No weapon seen

S-3: M, BLK, BLK, BRO, 506, 125-135, 18-20 yrs. No weapon seen


2400 block Briarcrest Road. RD 809. 10/3/09, 1500, Victim went to the suspect's home to confront the suspect about having his vehicle towed. The suspect opened his door and "charged" at the victim who subsequently pushed the suspect. The suspect then armed himself with a knife and chased the suspect off his property. Suspect: Male, White, 70 years old. ** Note: The suspect made a report against the victim for Battery).


300 block Madrano RD 0806. MO: On 10/03/09, between 0100 and 0115, nine male and female teenagers smashed the single family residence basement window, entered residence. No property taken, reported as 459 when discovered weeks later. CCTV video.

10700 block Ohio Ave. RD 0833. MO: Between 10/11/09 at 1830 and 10/14/09 at 2100, suspect(s) cut apartment garage door lock, removed a bicycle.

15400 block Hamner Ave. RD 0805. MO: Construction site. Between 10/13/09 at 1200 and 10/14/09 at 0830, suspect(s) pried the garage door, removed tools.

2400 block Nalin, RD 0805. MO: Construction site. Between 10/13/09 at 1600 and 10/14/09 at 0615, suspect(s) forced "office" door secured by wire/nail and removed a vacuum cleaner and fax machine.

13800 block Mulholland Drive. RD 0808. MO: Construction site. Between 10/09/09 at 1430 and 10/12/09 at 0630, suspect(s) entered unsecured structure, removed tools.

700 block Beverly Glen Blvd. RD 0829. MO: On 10/07/09, at 1230, victim returned home found residence ransacked, found suspects secreted in attic. Victim and suspects fled. It was found that suspect(s) pried the rear door, removed $200 in cash. Suspects described as two male Hispanics, 507/8, 30-35 years.

2000 block N. Beverly Drive. RD 0808. MO: Between 10/01/09 at 1400 and 10/03/09 at 2230, suspect(s) smashed the single family residence rear slider, removed $1,000 in cash.

2200 block Betty Lane. RD 0809. MO: On 10/02/09, between 1300 and 1400, suspect(s) opened the single family residence rear bathroom slider, ransacked the interior. No identified loss.

10300 Eastborne Ave. RD 0829. MO: On 10/02/09, between 1515 and 1630, suspect(s) pried the single family residence rear door, removed a digital camera and jewelry.


10-15-09, 1230/1530 RD 0833 10800 Wilshire Blvd. Pry Pkg lot Laptop

10-15-09, 0005/1000 RD 0855 1600 Bentley Ave. Smash Sub Gar Camera

10-16-09, 1920/2100 RD 0817 1000 Broxton Ave. Pry Pkg lot 3rd row seat

10-16-09, 1600/1150 RD 0833 10900 Ashton Ave. Cut Sub Gar Adapter

10-13-09, 1900/1030 RD 0833 1300 Kelton Ave. Smash Sub Gar GPS, IPOD (multi-2 )

10-13-09, 2000/0715 RD 0833 1300 Midvale Ave. Smash Sub Gar Ipod, charger

10-09-09, 1100/1500 RD 0816 600 Veteran Ave Garage Susp removed speakers

10-09-09, 1200/1200 RD 0828 10700 Wilshire Blvd. Pkg Lot Susp removed lic plate

10-07-09, 1500/1715 RD 0817 Brockton/Weyburn Sub Gar Smash Laptop

10-04-09, 1900/0830 RD 0808 9800 Yoakum Dr. Carport Susp removed cash, sunglasses

10-03-09, 2100/1600 RD 0855 1500 Greenfield Ave. Carport Unk Wallet, Cash

09-29-09, 2000/0815 RD 0834 10500 Ashton Ave. Pkg lot Smash Cash, Wallet


Retail Store-1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0816 Bras $3825

Residential-10600 block Eastborne Ave. RD0834 Television $450

Residential- 1400 block Veteran Ave. RD 0833 Clothes $950

Retail Store-1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0817 Clothing $530

Street-2900 block Beverly Glen Cir. RD 0807 Cash, Ipod $1040

Street-10300 block Wilshire Blvd. RD 0829 Keys $475

Condo garage-1400 block Greenfield Ave. RD 0855 Bike $1500

Business-1400 block Westwood Blvd. RD 0833 Currency, Wallet $2500

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The End of an Era - Nicolas Cage's Copa de Oro Mansion Reportedly Sells @ Auction



Stephen Shapiro, the real estate agent for Nicolas Cage's Copa de Oro mansion, confirms to Curbed that an offer for the house has been accepted. After a year on the market at $29.999 million, then $17.5 million, and a few weeks off the MLS, the house was relisted in early September, asking for sealed bids starting at $9.95 million. Shapiro won't tell us who's going to be paying (probably) upwards of $10 million for the gilded Tudor, but our best guesses are Cage nemeses Lex Luthor,Nathan Arizona, Donald Kaufman, or a shadowy secret society after secret American riches.

Cage is reportedly on the hook to the IRS for more than $6 million (he's blaming his manager), and now's your chance to own one of his many, many properties. Histwo New Orleans houses have been foreclosed on and will be sold in a sheriff's auction next month. His castle in Bath is on the market, and so are houses in Las Vegas and Rhode Island.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bel~Air Resident Vic Mizzy dies at 93; film and TV composer wrote 'Addams Family' theme song

Vic Mizzy in his Bel~Air Home.
"I sat down; I went 'buh-buh-buh-bump [snap-snap], buh-buh-buh-bump," he recalled in a 2008 interview on CBS' "Sunday Morning" show.
"That's why I'm living in Bel-Air: Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air."
Photo by Micah Smith / AP

From the LA Times (click here for the full story)

Vic Mizzy, a film and television composer best known for writing the memorable theme songs for the 1960s sit-coms "Green Acres" and "The Addams Family," has died. He was 93.

Mizzy died of heart failure
Saturday at his home in Bel-Air, said Scott Harper, a friend and fellow composer.

Mizzy is survived by his daughter Lynn Mizzy Jonas; his brother Sol; and two grandchildren.

A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. today at Eden Memorial Park, 11500 Sepulveda Blvd., Mission Hills.

Auto Accident involving motorcycle on Sunset just West of Groverton

Looks bad. Our prayers go out to the injured cyclist.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Featured in the LA Times - Bel-Air 1932 "Horton House"

FROM the LA Times - Hot Property Section

A restored Bel-Air estate, built in 1932 and designed by architect Gerard Colcord, is on the market at $12.95 million.

The gated traditional home, which today has eight bedrooms and 10 1/2 bathrooms in about 10,000 square feet, was one of Colcord's last French farmhouses. Known as the Horton House for its original owners, it has been home to such Hollywood personalities as former Univision Chairman and Chief Executive Jerry Perenchio, actor Bob Newhart and soap star Deidre Hall, according to "Colcord Home" by Bret Parsons.

A long driveway leads to a motor court with a fountain at the front door, and manicured lawns and gardens surround the gabled house.

Inside is a dramatic two-story entry with a sweeping staircase, a spacious formal living room with a fireplace, an office/library and a formal dining room with a bay window. The open kitchen has a large center island and was combined with the family room and breakfast room. There is a pub room, a screening room, a temperature-controlled wine cellar and a four-car garage. A separate entrance leads upstairs to a guesthouse.

The house cost $45,000 in 1932, according to Parsons' book. The property, more than a half-acre, most recently sold for $6.6 million in 2006, public records show.

Myra Nourmand and Michael Nourmand of Nourmand & Associates, Beverly Hills, have the listing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LAPD - Halloween Haunted House


Halloween Haunted House

The West Los Angeles Community Police Station at 1663 Butler Avenue will be hosting a Haunted House on Friday October 30th and Saturday October 31st from 6-8 PM. In addition to the Haunted House there will be activities for the kids. Bring the whole family.

Anyone who would like to donate candy or chocolate for this event can do so at our station's front desk. We have set up baskets and you can come in at any time to drop some off.

We are also starting to collect unwrapped toys for our Christmas Toy Drive Event. I realize this is early, but I have already been asked about it, so baskets are set up in our front lobby. Our community has always been generous and giving. I am sure this year will be no different as times are even harder for those less fortunate. I thank you in advance for your support.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sgt. David Podesta (310) 444-0743

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Security Alert from our Friends in Holmby / Westwood

On 10/7/09, at approximately 12:40 PM, officers responded to a report of a Burglary in progress in the 700 block of S. Beverly Glen Blvd. Several patrol units responded and formed a perimeter in the area while a search for possible suspect(s) was conducted.
The search revealed that the suspect(s) were gone on arrival. The investigation revealed that a burglary occurred at the residence and a report was taken. The investigation in on going.
Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer

HWPOA Security Committee report:
A male transient was discovered jumping over fences and through backyards along Loring during the day on Thursday, October 8.. ACS officers pursued him through neighborhood streets, caught him and turned him over to the LAPD.

But we must all be security-conscious, keeping our doors and windows secured at all times. Cars have been routinely broken into, many are unlocked which invites criminal activity.

As always, we would like to remind you to stay alert and a good neighbor. If you see something that doesn't seem right, call your security service right away or take down any specific information to give to police.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Power Back On

Hope it lasts! This was at least the 2nd outage in Bel Air today. One outage occurring earlier at about 1PM today.
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Power Outage In Parts of Bel Air @ 4:30PM Today

DWP says it will be resolved by 10PM. Crossing my fingers.
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In case you missed it - Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood / Bel~Air changes hands

From the LA Times BLOG L.A. Land

In another sign of tough times for the hospitality industry, the well-known Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood has been sold for $35 million.

The cylinder-shaped Angeleno towers 16 stories over the San Diego Freeway at Sunset Boulevard and was a Holiday Inn for 35 years before being upgraded and renamed in 2006. It will continue to be operated as the Angeleno by hotel management company Joie de Vivre of San Francisco.

Selling the hotel was a group of investors led Namco Capital Group Inc., a Los Angeles investment firm headed by Ezri Namvar. The hotel was not in bankruptcy, but both Namco and Namvar filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection months ago.

With room occupancy down nationwide, many hotel owners are having trouble making payments on loans they took out during the recent economic boom to acquire or refinance their properties, said industry consultant David M. Brudney of Carlsbad.

"Not enough money is being generated by hotels to support these loans," Brudney said.

More than 27,400 California hotel rooms are in default, a 418% increase from a year ago, according to analyst Atlas Hospitality Group.

The Angeleno has lost 10% to 15% of its value since the recent market peak but is still doing good business in its location near the Getty Center, said real estate broker Clark Everitt of Investment Real Estate Associates, who represented the buyers.

Occupancy is down at the Angeleno, but it "didn't go into the tank," Everitt said. "Relative to the rest of the market, it's performing quite well."

-- Roger Vincent

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. . .

From the Shark Research Committee

What does this have to do with Bel~Air? Well, the story below mentions the Bel Air Bay Club. And I was dying to post - so that connection is good enough for me!

Sunset Beach
— On October 3, 2009 Randy Wright of Horizon's West Surf Shop, Santa Monica, was kayaking 320 yards off Sunset Beach. It was 9:00 AM and he had been on the water 1.5 hours. He was using a Wilderness Tarpon Kayak, 10 feet in length, as a anchored stable platform, and a Canon 40d camera with a 24-105 mm lens inside an SPL Waterhousing. Sea conditions were flat with a measured water depth of 27 feet and 5 – 8 feet of visibility. There was a mild offshore breeze with air and water temperatures estimated at 70 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. Several Dolphins were observed in the area in addition to schools of baitfish.

Wright reported the following; “Doing volunteer field research for the SRC, I paddled my kayak out in the same area where Brian Moore, Gerry Wallfesh, Kim Welsh and many others have seen shark, believed to be GWS, breaching. My intent was to photograph the breaching shark for research purposes. I anchored about 50 feet farther out from the buoy. I did not chum nor throw anything in the water. At 8.47 AM, I heard a large swooshing noise just east of my position in the direction of the Bel Air Bay Club. I grabbed my camera and turned to try and capture what I was vaguely seeing. What appeared to be a large animal splashing into the water about 60 feet away from me. Since I did not see it initially, I only caught a glimpse of it as it re-entered the water, noticing a lot of white on it body, but I could not tell what it was. Now I knew something was out there, but I did not
believe it to be a Dolphin, since I noticed no Dolphins surface and breathe in my vicinity. Keeping my camera ready, level, pre-focused, and my finger on the shutter trigger, I continuously scanned different sections of the water. At 8:56 AM, looking towards the point, I noticed 2 guys on SUP's paddling past Chris Rozsa, who was halibut fishing in his small boat. Still looking towards the point area, at 9:00 AM exactly, I noticed somemovement towards my left and quickly turned the camera and fired off 4 shots of something, I wasn't sure, airborne and then splashing. As I was not originally looking in the same exact direction, I did not see what it was, it happened so fast, but I assumed this was a shark, since I did not see any dolphins in the area surface and breathe afterwards. A local resident, Blake paddled up to me on a SUP and we conversed about what I thought I had photographed. Deciding to try and capture a photo of one of these animals with the land as a back ground, I pulled anchor and paddled 75 feet farther, dropped anchor and waited. At exactly 10:00 AM I heard another splash on my starboard side, towards the Bel Air Bay Club, but missed the animal breach, but shot the remnants of the splash. I did not see any other breaching by the time I left at 11:23 AM arriving back at Horizon's West Surf Shop at noon. Two friends, Carlos Pires and Paige Heatherington watched me unload my camera from the SPL Waterhousing and download and go over the photo's I shot that morning over the 4 hour period that I spent observing. Our jaws literally dropped when image #73, 74, 75, 76 appeared, for his was the legendary breaching shark in mid-air! This was what I saw and luckily captured.”
Randy has been, and continues to be, a valued SRC supporter and field observer. Based on dorsal coloration, the gray and white pattern on the pelvic fin, shape and color of the caudal fin, location and shapes of the dorsal and pectoral fins, snout and eye, the pictured animal is a White Shark, with an estimated length of 8 – 10 feet. From May 17, 2009, to today's observation, there have been more than 20 reports forwarded to the SRC of a shark breaching at Sunset Beach. Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.