Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Did you know that 95% of all bleeding can be controlled by applying direct pressure over the wound?

Simply put a clean dressing over the wound and press firmly. Then, maintain pressure on the dressing over the wound by wrapping it firmly with a pressure bandage, gauze, etc. The pressure bandage should be tied with a bow so that it can be loosened to examine the wound and then retied. Direct pressure can take 5 to 7 minutes to stop the bleeding completely.

**Except under extreme circumstances, it is not recommended to loosen the pressure or bandage (including examination of the wound), unless under supervision of a trained medical professional. Releasing pressure may cause bleeding to re-start or become worse and could cause further detriment to the individuals health, including death if too much blood is lost.**

Additionally, your list of emergency telephone numbers should include the number for the Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222. Add this right below 911.

Twenty-five Bel-Air residents are participating in a Bel-Air Association (BAA) sponsored emergency preparedness training program - CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). The course (seven consecutive Monday evenings for approx. two hours) is being taught by LAFD Firefighter Sue Jenkins at the BAA headquarters. The training teaches residents and volunteers how to set-up and sustain an emergency operations center, light search and rescue techniques, fire safety, disaster psychology and medical assessment/treatment.

The BAA's goal is to train a cadre of residents and volunteers who are able to execute a coordinated response in a catastrophic disaster -- earthquake, fire, mud slide, riot, etc. CERT trained volunteers will not only be personally prepared for themselves and their families, but able to assist their neighbors and collect data needed by first responders.

If you are interested in being trained, email A second course is be planned for Fall 2010.


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