Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunset Bridge Demolition & Reconstruction

Good afternoon. I wanted to share with you the latest scheduled activities regarding the Sunset Bridge demolition and reconstruction. As you are aware, the new traffic configurations for the Sunset Bridge and adjacent streets will go into effect on May 7. Implementing these new traffic configurations and isolating the work zone will help the Contractor prepare for demolition. The Contractor will be:
  • protecting an existing water line in place
  • surveying the existing bridge's condition
  • removing any hazardous materials that may exist
  • installing temporary pipe supports
  • removing false deck from inside the bridge; and
  • building temporary bents
The demolition schedule will be dependent on what the Contractor encounters during these activities. Demolition could happen as early as the end of May. However, if the conditions are such that additional prep work will be needed, then actual demolition can occur in June. The I-405 Project Team will continue to keep you informed of construction activities as we move forward with the project and in particular the activities related to the Sunset Bridge demolition and reconstruction. Thank you.

Yvette ZR Rapose
Community Relations Manager
Construction Impact Mitigation Programs
One Gateway Plaza, MS 99-17-11
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952
F 213.922.2898


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