Thursday, June 10, 2010

Community Crime Report - 6/10/2010







As of June 1, 2010, Basic Car 8A29, which covers the area north east of Santa Monica Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd to Mulholland Drive on the north and east of Coldwater Canyon on the east, is showing a 20% reduction in total Part 1 Crime. But as noted below this does not mean the area is crime free. In order to maintain this trend, the role of the community and police partnership is imperative. Your efforts to help safeguard and secure your homes, cars and property and educate your neighbors on doing the same through your neighborhood and community councils, associations and block clubs, is an important element of this and is much appreciated.

Due to the NBA Lakers and Celtics Finals, changes have been made in scheduling and deployment to address departmental deployment needs. During the next week my availability for meetings and events may be temporarily interrupted. The Los Angeles Police Department has planned for and is prepared to immediately respond to any post game action or celebratory unrest should any event arise. This is a temporary change and your understanding is appreciated.


NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273

All other City Services: 311


Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895

Attempted Robbery:

Santa Monica Blvd/Westwood Blvd. RD: 0855. MO: On 06/05/10, at 1500 hours, Suspect approached victim and demanded money, the victim refused. Suspect became angry and kicked victim in the chest. The suspect fled the location on foot. No property was taken. Susp-1: M-WHT LONG GRY HAIR (NFD) ,CLOTHING-BLUE JEANS. WEAPON: BODILY FORCE.

Attempted Robbery/Arrest:

900 block Broxton Ave. RD: 0817. MO: On 06/04/10, West Los Angeles Patrol Officers responded and arrested one male adult transient for Attempt Robbery. Suspect approached the victim and asked him for a cigarette, the victim refused. Suspect became angry and punched the victim in the crotch and attempted to grab the cigarette out of his hand.S-1 M-BLK BLK-BRO 5'05-185. WEAPON: BODILY- FORCE. PROPERTY TAKEN: NONE

Street Robbery:

1500 Block Veteran Ave. RD: 0855. On 06/02/10, at 2300 hours, Suspects approached victim on the sidewalk. Suspect-2 punched victim in the face, and removed her purse from her shoulder. Suspects fled location in an older model white vehicle (unknown-plate). Susp-1 M-BLK BLK-6'00-200 GOATEE, SHORT HAIR AGE: 35 BLACK CLOTHING. Susp-2 M-BLK BLK 5-11-180 SHORT HAIR AGE: 35 BLACK CLOTHING.


900 block N. Beverly Glen Blvd. RD 0807. MO: On 06/01/10, at 1830 hours, the below described suspects removed the SFR rear window screen, entered via the open window, removed cash and jewelry.

Suspect #1: Male Black shaved head 25-35 years, dark clothing. Suspect #2 & 3: Male black hoodie.

200 block Bentley Ave. RD 0815. MO: Between 05/11/10 and 05/27/10, suspect(s) removed the victim's vehicle keys. No forced entry, elderly victim is art teacher, has multiple visitors to residence. Reported as burglary.

Grand Theft Auto:

06/01/10, 0145 RD 0829 Pandora/Eastbourne Street 2009 Merz 350CLK

05-25-10, 2130/0845 RD 0833 1300 block Kelton Ave Street 2003 Ford Econoline Van

05-20-10, 2100/1400 RD 0817 Glendon/Lindbrook Alley 2005 Chevy Cobalt

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:

05-28-10, 1400-1600 RD 0817 800 block Broxton Ave. Camera and cell phone.

05-26-10, 1700-2230 RD 0833 Westwood/Ohio tooth crown bank statement

06-01-10, 0800-1400 RD 0819 500 block Loring Ave. License plate

Grand/Petty Theft:

Residential-1300 block N. Beverly Glen. RD 0806 US Currency $1,100

Street-10800 block Weyburn Ave. RD 0817 Wallet, US Currency $5

Business-900 block Broxton Ave. RD 0817 Ipod $399

Business-1400 block Westwood Bl. RD 0833 Cell phone $700

Parking Garage-700 block Westwood Bl. RD 0818 Laptop $3,100

Business-10900 block Wilshire Bl. RD 0817 Blackberry, Iphone, currency. $2,950

Business-900 block Westwood Bl. RD 0817 Currency, ID. $25

Residential-1200 block Stone Canyon Rd. RD 0806 Coins $18,943

Residential-10600 block Eastborne Ave. RD 0834 TV $2,000