Friday, June 11, 2010

Heavy Police Activity in Lower Bel~Air

Not sure exactly what is going on, but there has been a LAPD Helicopter with full spotlights on circling parts of lower Bel~Air for the better part of an hour. Monitoring the police scanner has targeted the "hot" area as being on Bellagio near Peruiga. Hope everything turns out OK. . .

UPDATE - 2 Helicopters circling now. Courtesy of the police scanner, they have a suspect possibly on the golf course with three K-9 units on the hunt. Code "459" was thrown around -- i.e., Burglary.

MORNING UPDATE - In speaking to the desk officer at West LAPD, there were "burglaries" on Bellagio near Perugia last night. One suspect is in custody while one remains at large.


Michael Jen said...

All these noises are preventing me from sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Seriously people! Hire an overnight guard if you are going to have lots of cash or jewelry in the house! Trust me it can happen to anybody these guys are professionals!