Friday, August 6, 2010

BASELINE HILLSIDE ORDINANCE: City Council Approved the Proposed Baseline Hillside Ordinance Provisions with 2 Changes

Greetings All:

The City Council approved the proposed Baseline Hillside Ordinance provisions with 2 changes and has asked the City Attorney's Office to review and prepare the official Ordinance. Just to clarify, this does NOT mean that the Ordinance was adopted - it's just one step closer. The changes, in the form of Motions, should be available for download on the online Council File within the next day or two.

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What's Next?
The City Attorney will now review the proposal for both form and legality and will prepare the official Ordinance (a legal description of the changes to the Code that would incorporate the proposed hillside provisions), in addition to a few other City Charter mandated steps. Once everything is completed, the City Attorney will transmit a report to the City Clerk. The Baseline Hillside Ordinance will then go back to the City Council where we expect they will issue their final action on the matter.

At this point, Planning staff does not know how long the City Attorney's review and preparation will take, but when we have any updates we will send an email to the interest list.

There are still at least 3 steps left to go before the Ordinance is officially adopted, which have been summarized below:

- The preparation of the official Baseline Hillside Ordinance by the City Attorney's Office;
- The adoption of the proposed Ordinance by the City Council; and
- The signature of the Mayor. [This is when a specific effective date is usually given.]

Once these steps have been taken, the City Clerk's Office will post the adopted Ordinance for a period of 10 days and a 30-day effective date will begin after that.

Even if the official Ordinance is prepared quicker than expected, it is important to note that the City Council goes into a recess period in August and is not likely to act on it again this month. This means that we are still possibly looking at sometime in September as the earliest date for a final City Council action. This means that the proposed Baseline Hillside Ordinance could be in effect as early as late-October/early-November, but this timeline is still subject to change depending on how long it takes to get through the next 3 steps.

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