Friday, August 27, 2010


Bel-Air Residents & Neighbors -

There has been a lot of concern lately regarding trash around Bel-Air. Although many of us may not be directly responsible for the trash that makes it to the curbside, we all have a responsibility to keep the place we call "home" clean.

While you are out-and-about, please consider carrying a small bag with you that could hold just a few pieces of trash. If we all pitch-in together, it will go a long way and make our neighborhood even more beautiful than it already is!

One of the best times to do this is while walking your dog(s)! You've already (hopefully) got one bag for "Fido's" business, another for a couple pieces of paper or bottles (which are great to recycle) is not much more effort!

THINK ABOUT IT! Together, we can make a HUGE difference.
(Also, if you have construction occurring at or near your property, encourage the many workers to pick-up, too! - This will help a lot, as well!)



Anonymous said...

Dog poo is another issue. I have literally walked behind man and canine and when the dog dropped a deuce, the owner didn't skip a beat. PICK UP YOUR POO!

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Mechanics Jobs said...

Keeping ourselves clean as well as the our neighborhood is our duty. surely it has better affects on all humans.