Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello Everyone,

I trust this email finds you well, and rejuvenated from a restful/peaceful summer. The fall quarter is approaching, and we are preparing to embrace a new freshmen class and welcome back returning students the week of September 20.

As we make this transition, your patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated. We do not anticipate any form of disruption to your normal routine. However, should you experience any inconveniences as our students move back to their campus life, we sincerely apologize in advance.

In addition, UCLA is also holding its second annual Volunteer Day on September 21, which will be kicked-off Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. with a light show in Royce Quad (the middle of campus). Be assured the light show will not cause any form of distraction to the surrounding neighborhood, we just wanted to share this with you. During our Volunteer Day more than 5,000 of our incoming freshmen and transfer students devote a day to community service. Students paint, garden, clean up, landscape and otherwise improve 22 sites throughout the greater Los Angeles community.    

I stated in the past living next to a university has its merits and challenges. However, I sincerely believe one call from a neighbor to complain is too many. I applaud each of you for the manner in which we are able to discuss situations and reach amiable solutions.  

Please feel free to contact me should you require additional information.  

Regards, E. Felicia Brannon, UCLA Executive Director Community & Local Government Relations 310.794.6824 ,310.794.6827 fax,