Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coyotes Kill Another Pet & More Coyotes Sighted in Bel~Air

From a resident on the 100 Block of North Bentley:

Sadly I am reporting that our dog was killed by coyotes last night.  She has an outdoor, fenced dog house and dog run.  The coyote(s) jumped the fence and took her out into the garden. We found hair and her collar under some trees.  I had thought about making the fence taller, but never did -- we have kept her there when she wasn't in the house for 10 years.  Perhaps our bad experience will encourage others to be alert to coyotes stalking small domestic animals.

From a resident on the 1000 Block of Chantilly:
We had 3 coyotes in our backyard.  Our dogs were in the back and we heard one of our pugs barking like crazy.  Our housekeeper looked and saw that there was a coyote staring at our pug and stood only 15 feet away.  There were two other coyotes (approx 100 feet away) that were moving in closer.  When we heard our housekeeper screaming, we ran down the stairs two see these HUGE coyotes in our backyard (approx 40lbs each).  My husband ran into the back and grabbed a pipe to scare the closest coyote away.  Eventually all 3 scampered off up the hill.  We have never seen them in our backyard before and we are devastated that they may have now "marked" our house.  

From a resident on the 2000 Block of Stradella Rd:
We spotted a young, thin coyote crossing Stradella Rd about 10:30PM on June 14th. He disappeared into the side of someone's yard.

Please continue to contribute to the monitoring program by emailing all sightings to coyotereport@hotmail.com.





Anonymous said...

Has there been any progress to come up with a solution for the increasing number of coyotes in Bel-Air? It's scary and heartbreaking to hear some of these stories. Nothing seems to be changing.

Chris H. said...

Action - Yes. Progress - Yes. Impact on the coyote population - No. We have had numerous meetings with the authoritative governmental agencies, our local representatives and other powers-that-be, and the first line of defense advocated to us is resident education and coyote reporting. We have been aggressively and faithfully doing both but the coyote situation has not changed. We continue to push for more government assistance and believe that our determined efforts will eventually achieve results -- but it is heartbreaking to hear of each family pet that is taken and killed by the coyotes while we wait for more definitive action from the City, State and their receptive wildlife control divisions.

Anonymous said...

"The coyote situation has not changed"? What, exactly, are you expecting to happen? Shoot the coyotes? "Remove" them? They are part of life in California. Keep your pets indoors or monitor their outdoor activity or you run the risk of losing them (as I have).

Take some tips from the city of Irvine: