Friday, June 10, 2011

Police Bulletin: Gardening Trucks are Targeted by Thieves

Gardening Trucks have become a target for thieves in the West Los Angeles Community. The primary reason why these trucks are being targeted is to steal the tools from the truck bed.

These vehicles are easy targets because they are usually older vehicles whose ignition has become worn, allowing thieves ability to easily start the trucks. We recommend that you take the following steps to reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen.

· Replace your vehicle ignition

· Do not leave your keys in the vehicle

· Install an alarm and activate it whenever you leave the vehicle

· Purchase and use some type of steering wheel locking device

· Install a hidden kill switch or disconnect the battery or coil wire

We also recommend you take steps to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves. Among those, we suggest you always lock your truck and lock your tools to a stationary object if at all possible.

For more Crime Prevention Information or to get involved in a local Neighborhood Watch contact our Community Relations Office at (310) 444-0730