Monday, September 26, 2011

COYOTE FREQUENTING YARD ON STRADELLA ROAD -- Not running becuase of loud noise anymore

Please see below a note from a Bel-Air neighbor:

Greetings Bel Air Association -

Thought I should give you a heads up that we have a coyote that seems to be making itself at home on our property. We have lived near the 1500 block of Stradella for over 10 years. Up until the last few months, we would see a coyote run across the street a handful of times each year. (We even accidentally caught one in a trap that a company put out to catch the skunk family which had taken residence under our house!)

But in the last few months, we have been getting very large "droppings" every once in a while on our backyard lawn and driveway. And in the past few weeks, we actually see him several times a week, on our driveway, in our backyard, or on the hill behind our house. We have small inside dogs which we now only let out while we're standing right beside them. And when we do spot the coyote and he sees us, he has typically run if we make a lot of noise and wave our arms around. But why I've decided to officially let you know NOW is that I didn't like how the last few times that we made a commotion, he just stood there! He sort of moved his ears around and stepped back a little but didn't run like he used to. He just looked at us! He was far enough away where I felt I could run towards him a bit while making noise, and then he did turn and trot away. But it concerns me how comfortable he's getting! We have children, too, who, of course, want to play outside. So we have to be very watchful and I tell them to be extra noisy!

This is a serious incident waiting to happen.


In addition to notifying our Bel-Air resources at, please report ALL coyote or aggressive wildlife sightings to the below authorities. It is imperative they receive this information as it clearly depicts the serious issue facing Bel-Air and its neighboring communities.

You MUST immediately contact the West Los Angeles Animal Services at 310-207-3156 and file a Wildlife Sighting Report. If they say that they do not accept reports over the phone, say that you were told by Officer Randall (the Wildlife Officer in charge of our area) that they are supposed to accept phone reports. You would file this report whether it was a mountain lion or a coyote.

Also, please file a report with the Dept of Fish and Game at 562-596-3885.

We need to keep notifying the appropriate wildlife authorities about this serious problem that threatens human safety.

Please continue to contribute to the monitoring program by emailing all sightings is power when it comes to how we will address the coyote problem in Bel-Air & West L.A.



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