Monday, October 24, 2011

Note Regarding 1400 Linda Flora Project -- Contact information for questions

Good afternoon,

Just wanted to send a quick 'thank you' for the opportunity to present the proposed construction of the single-family dwelling at 1400 Linda Flora Ave. We hope that the information we were able to provide was useful and constructive.

We understand that there will likely be further discussion regarding this project and we are available at the below contact information for any further questions. We anticipate that there will be a few recurring questions and therefore we ask that questions be provided via e-mail and the subject line include the property address of '1400 Linda Flora'. We also suggest that any inquiring parties provide their address (so we can understand their proximity to the project) and the best way to contact them for response.

Again, thank you and have a good weekend!

Patrick Topping
Political Consulting & Management
1017 N. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 103
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Office 1: (323) 463 - 0377
Office 2: (323) 463 - 8777
Fax: (323) 463 - 8742


Myrtle said...

This won't actually have effect, I suppose like this.