Friday, October 14, 2011

This Afternoon (10/14/11: 4 - 8pm): Potential Road Closures During Protest of Hotel Bel-Air

UPDATE 10/14/11

The Bel-Air Association has been notified by LAPD of several road closures related to the potential protest of Hotel Bel-Air this afternoon from 4 - 8pm.

We anticipate 1,000 or more protesters on foot during the demonstration period.

The closures will be focused on Stone Canyon Road, it's off-shoot streets, and others in its immediate vicinity. They may include, but are not limited to:

Stone Canyon Road
Bellagio Road (near Stone Canyon)
Chalon Road (near Stone Canyon)
Copa de Oro Road
Strada Corta Road
Lausanne Road
Siena Way
Udine Way
Revuelta Way
Carcassone Road
Tortuoso Way
Capello Way
Somma Way
Rocca Way
Dolcedo Way
Ottone Way
Fontenelle Way
Vestone Way
Taranto Way
Levico Way
Lindamere Place
Lindamere Drive

To avoid traffic delays or any travel inconveniences, we're advising members to stay-in or make alternate plans to be out of the neighborhood by 3pm and until after 8pm.

To confirm, LAPD is fully aware and making the necessary preparations to ensure safety and manage the event.


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