Friday, February 10, 2012

BAA's Project Pothole Works with City Street Services to Repave Problem area near 1565 Stone Canyon Road

The Bel-Air Association is excited to announce the recent repair, grading and repaving of a serious problem area near 1565 Stone Canyon Road.

The Bel-Air Association's Project Pothole team worked closely with several Street Services representatives and supervisors to have the repair placed on their priority grading/repair list.

This has been a major concern and increasingly dangerous issue for many residents and motorists for years. Many temporary solutions were attempted, but none would alleviate the problem for long, continually forcing drivers into oncoming lanes to avoid the water filled potholes and ridges in the road.

A special thanks is due to a Lindamere member who stayed very focused on and attentive to the issue.

The repair is hoped to now channel water properly and prevent it from settling/running across the middle of the road.

Another special thanks to the City team who helped orchestrate this repair. It is greatly appreciated for the safer and smoother ride for drivers.

Here is a great set of before and after pictures: