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LAPD Community Crime Report




Robbery / Bodily force. Sepulveda Blvd./ Moraga Drive, RD 805. On 2/17/12, at 0045 hours,

the victim stated that he met with two old acquaintances where they traveled to an unknown mall. After a short period, they left the mall and drove to the area of Sepulveda Blvd. and Moraga Drive. The suspects stopped the vehicle and parked. As the victim got out of the car, both suspects also exited the car and for unknown reasons, they attacked him. They punched him numerous times with their fist, then took approximately $150 cash from his pocket and fled in their vehicle.

Suspect 1:Male Black, blk/bro, 511/190, 40-45 yrs old, "Mike D"

Suspect 2:Male Black, blk/bro, 603/190, 35-40 yrs old, "Tre", tats both hands

Robbery / Bodily Force. 800 block Moraga Drive, RD 805. On 2/17/12, at 1350 hours, the suspect entered the business office and removed a wallet which was left unattended. A witness confronted the suspect and demanded to know whose wallet was tucked in his waistband. When the witness reached for the wallet, the suspect slapped away the witnesses hand and fled. The victim gave chase and stopped the suspect at his vehicle where he was attempting to flee. the victim demanded her wallet back and wrote down the plate number of the suspect's vehicle. The suspect returned the victim's wallet and was allowed to flee. Suspect: Male, other, black hair, dark eyes, 5'7" tall, 210 lbs bodily force

Robbery/Home Invasion. 300 block Norcroft Avenue, RD 819. On 2/14, 0700 hours, two masked suspects confronted the caretaker and tied him up. Susps then entered the residence and removed several items. The suspects fled the location in a Chrysler 300.

Susp-1: M, wearing ski mask, hooded sweat jacket and armed with a handgun.
Susp-2: M, wearing ski mask, hooded sweat jacket.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon: (Wrench). 500 block Glenrock Avenue, RD 837. On 2/27/12, at 0035 hours, the victim and suspect who are roommates, argued regarding other people sleeping in the apartment. During the course of the argument the suspect became upset and armed himself with a wrench. The suspect swung the wrench at the victim, missing him. The victim notified police who responded and arrested the suspect. Suspect: Male, Asian, 22yrs old.

Residential Burglary:

1300 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 833. MO: Between 2/25/12, 2015 and 2/26/12, 2015 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered through unsecured front window and removed furniture, golf bag and wallet.

1600 block Comstock Ave. RD: 829. MO: On 2/27/12, 1300 to 1330 hours, suspect(s) forced open the front door and removed jewelry. Possible suspect: male white or Hispanic 40 years old.

1900 block Coldwater Canyon. RD: 0809. MO: On 02/23/12, at 1730 hours, the suspect entered the residence via an unlocked rear sliding glass door. The victim arrived home and saw the suspect in her living room and after a brief confrontation, the suspect left the residence. Suspect: Male, Black, Black hair, 600-603, 180-190 lbs, 30"s.

10500 block Clearwood Court. RD: 807. On 2-22-12, between 1000 to 1130 hours, unknown suspect(s) pried rear patio door and removed jewelry.

100 block Groverton Road. RD 0806. MO: Construction site. Between 02/17/12 at 1530 and 02/18/12 at 1200, suspect(s) attempted without success to pry SFR side door. No property taken.

10700 block Wellworth Ave. RD: 0834. MO: On 02/15/12, between 0830 and 1530 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered unlocked kitchen window andremoved jewelry & silverware.

1500 block Bel Air Road. RD: 0806. MO: Construction site. Between 02/08/12 at 2000 and 02/09/12 at 0700 hours, unknown suspect(s) used key to enter residence and removed construction tools.

10700 block Eastborne Ave. RD: 0834. MO: On 02/09/12, between 1730 and 2200, suspect(s) entered unlocked construction site office and removed laptop.

10600 block Rochester Ave. RD: 0834. MO: Between 02/10/12 at 1100 and 02/11/12 at 1015, suspect(s) pried the rear window and removed plumbing fixtures.

800 block Thayer Ave. RD: 0828. MO: Construction Site. Between 02/07/12,1730 and 02/08/12, 0745 hours, suspect(s) punched a hole in the rear door and removed tools and faucets.

900 block Manning Ave. RD: 0828. MO: Construction Site. Between 02/07/12,1540 and 02/08/12, 0655 hours, suspect(s) pried the rear door and torched open the interior lock boxes and removed tools.

100 block Bronwood Ave. RD: 0815. MO: On 02/07/12, between 1300 and 1400 hours, suspect(s) smashed the rear slider door and removed jewelry.

9700 block Albury Court. RD: 0808. MO: Construction site. Between 02/03/12 at 1630 and 02/04/12 at 0800, suspect(s) cut perimeter gate, torched open interior lock boxes and removed construction tools.

Grand Theft Auto:

02/22/12, 2100/1200 RD: 0834 WilkinsAve./Manning Ave. Street 2006 Ford Van

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:

02/22/12, 1630/0700 RD: 0829 1200 block Beverly Glen. Sub Gar Smash Nintendo DSI

02/22/12, 1700/1030 RD: 0833 1300 block Midvale Ave. Sub Gar Smash Laptop

02/22/12, 2230/0730 RD: 0834 10700 block Rochester Ave. Street Pry Headlights, stereo

02/23/12, 1900/0900 RD: 0807 10400 block Windtree Dr. Street Unk Keys, clothes

02/22/12, 2100 RD: 0807 Beverly Glen/Mulholland Dr. Pkg lot Susp removed papers

02/23/12, 2200/0700 RD: 0805 2700 block Roscomare Rd. Dwy. Susp ransacked veh

02/24/12, 1600/0600 RD: 0815 300 block Thurston Ave. Dwy Susp removed coins

02/25/12, 2120/0200 RD: 0807 10000 block Hillgrove Dr. Dwy Susp removed cothes

02/21-02/22, 2130/0710 RD: 0855 1600 block Camden Ave. laptop, briefcase, hard drive

02/15/12, 1200/1000 RD: 0828 800 block Malcolm Ave. Street Smash IPAD

02/15/12, 1730/0800 RD: 0829 1300 block Holmby Ave. Street Smash $100.00

02/16/12, 2000/1300 RD: 0833 10900 block Rochester Ave. Apt Pkg Smash IPOD

02/13/12, 1900/0700 RD: 0819 10300 block Wilshire Bl. Smash IPAD2

02/13/12, 2300/0700 RD: 0819 800 block Devon Ave. Dwy Susp removed Purse

02/10/12, 1800/2200 RD: 0807 2900 block Nicada Dwy Smash Unk

02/10/12, 2200/0930 RD: 0809 2200 block Betty Lane Street Smash Bag, glasses

02-10-12, 2230/0720 RD: 0834 10500 block Wellworth Ave Street Smash Ipod

02-10-12, 2130/0030 RD: 0817 Gayley/Kinross Street Susp removed laptop

02-04-12, 2300/0830 RD: 0855 1400 block Bentley Ave Dwy Cut lock Plumbing tool

02-04-12, 1815/2215 RD: 0834 10500 block Wilshire Blvd. Pkg Lot Susp removed $200.00


Residence-2700 block Woodwardia RD: 0807 Dish antenna, camera $300

Alley-1300 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0833 Aluminum dolly $1900

Business-Mulholland & Skirball RD: 0805 Clothes $1,000

Residential-1400 block Camden Ave RD: 0855 Bicycle $1200

Residential/Apt-600 block Westholm Ave. RD: 0818 TV $700

Garage/Ofc bldg.-10900 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 0833 Bike $2500

Residential-10800 block Massachusetts Avve RD: 0855 Cabinet $100

Residential-500 block Gayley Ave RD: 0837 Amp, foot pedals $850

Business-11300 block Bellagio Rd. RD: 0805 U.S. Curr, wallet, CDL, CC's $465

Restaurant-1000 block Broxton Ave. RD: 0817 Red felt tip pen $50

Apt-1600 block Camden Ave. RD: 0855 Att to take bicycles from balcony

Residential-1400 block Altridge (Yard) RD: 0808 Iron bench $200

Business-1000 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817 Bras $1000

Street-Westwood Blvd./Wellworth Ave. RD: 0833 Bike $2,200

Business-1000 block Broxton Ave RD: 0817 Diamond switch $7878

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