Friday, March 23, 2012

Potentially Devastating Left Turn Lane Across Sunset Bridge -- WILL HAPPEN!

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Over the strenuous objections of Bel~Air Association in conjunction with the Westwood Hills and Brentwood Glenn Homeowners Associations, LA Metro WILL INSTALL a temporary left turn pocket and signal from Westbound Sunset Blvd. onto the NB 405 On-ramp on the Sunset Blvd. Bridge. Kasey Shuda, Community Relations Manager for LA Metro, emphasized that LA Metro, LA DOT and LA County have made written commitments  to NOT make said left turn permanent.  Along with the new left turn they will close Sepulveda Way in an effort to allow a thru lane on Westbound Sunset Blvd. across the Bridge (see picture above)

Kasey Shuda confirmed that the East & West Wilshire On-ramps will close for 90 days consecutively which will require all traffic to use Sepulveda Blvd.  If the Contractor takes longer than 90 days they will be subject to substantial liquidated damages. 

As set forth in a previous BLOG post, we believe that such left turn will have disastrous effects on the already terrible Sunset Blvd. traffic and as such, LA Metro has promised to make changes if the left turn causes the problems anticipated.

LA Metro has adopted several mitigation suggestions made by the Bel~Air Association and its counterparts: 1) they will delay closure until schools are out of session (i.e., June 2012); 2) they will delay closure until completion of the Chevron line relocation and the DWP under-grounding; 3) the Wilshire lanes at Sepulveda will be reopened before the On-ramp closure begins; 4) there will be traffic officers at the left turn intersection and other bottleneck spots for an extended period; and 5) LA Metro has committed to expedite the completion of the new Getty Center right turn On-ramp in an attempt to get it operational ASAP.

This will be a difficult period, but LA Metro insists there is no alternative.