Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benedict Hills security incident

An ADT Patrolman reported that he recently saw a strange car on Donington that sped away when he drove onto the street and later that night, a house was robbed on Mulholland..

He also reported that someone rang the bell at a house on Donington this week and when the housekeeper answered the guy said he was there to paint the rear fence. The housekeeper said she needed to call the homeowner as she was unaware of this. She called her employer who said they were not having their fence painted and when she went back to the front door, the man was running away.

Please stay vigilant and extremely cautious of who you let into your home. You can demand proper identification from anyone who asks to enter your home or property. Don't hesitate to call the business or City department to verify that a service call is out for your area/property before admitting anyone.

LAPD Non-Emergency Phone #

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