Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coyote Sightings Reported 8/21/12

Please see below reports from Bel-Air neighbors:

#1 - My husband just saw two coyotes today, around 7:20 pm, at Savona Road with Roberto. They were not scared at all. One went to a house which is under construction and the other went to the other house in the other side of the street.

#2 - On Saturday, Aug 18th at 9:00 am a resident was walking up the street on Moraga Drive. Toward the end of the street, she saw two large coyotes (the size of German Shepherd dogs) in the front of someone's yard where a dog was barking inside.  She quickly walked by.  The resident then turned around to walk down the hill and saw the two coyotes still present in the person's front yard.  A workman informed the resident that the coyotes had been there for an hour, walking back and forth across the street.  The resident waived her arms at the coyotes.  The coyotes moved a few feet and just stared at the resident.  The resident was concerned that the coyotes might turn aggressive and asked the workman to walk with her down the street.  


In addition to notifying our Bel-Air resources at coyotereport@hotmail.com, please report ALL coyote or aggressive wildlife sightings to West Los Angeles Animal Services @ 310-207-3156 to file a "Wildlife Sighting Report."

      [Tell them Officer Randall (the Officer in charge of our area) asked specifically that Bel-Air is to make, and the Shelter is to accept, phone reports.]

     You would file this report whether it was a mountain lion or a coyote.

Dept of Fish & Game @ 562-596-3885


jz said...

Thanks for sharing the numbers to report the coyotes.