Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hillside Area Residents: Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle Alert!



Burglary theft from Motor Vehicles (Car break in’s) have been on the rise throughout the hillside canyon areas and passes between Sunset boulevard and Mulholland Drive.  This is due to very valuable and expensive personal property being left inside unattended vehicles.

An automobile is not a safe or secure place to leave any valuables whether locked or unlocked.  If any property is left unattended in the car, even for just a few minutes, IT WILL BE STOLEN!  Even something as simple as a small sun glass case, an empty backpack or gym bag will cause your car window to be smashed resulting in hundreds of dollars in damage alone.

Car burglars are stealing a variety of small electronics and valuables. The top items being taken in most car burglaries is portable GPS systems, IPODS, cellular telephones, lap top computers, purses, wallets and money.

The West Los Angeles Area continues to be a target rich environment.  Based on the history and information from arrests that have been made we know we have a variety of car burglars that travel to the west side of Los Angeles to commit their crimes.  Although many arrests have been made, the crimes continue occur.  This tells us there are numerous suspects that are targeting the area.

The Los Angeles Police Department is making every effort to combat this problem.  Community awareness and involvement is instrumental in the prevention of these crimes.      

If the car burglars do not find valuable property inside vehicles, eventually they will seek out other areas to commit their crimes.  Please do not leave ANY personal property visible in the car!

Remember to Lock It, Hide it, Keep It!

NON-EMERGENCY:  1-877-275-5273

Christopher Ragsdale, Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell:  213-305-5895