Monday, October 1, 2012

Coyotes on Golf Course near Perugia Way & Stone Canyon near Chalon Road

Please see below a recap report from Bel-Air neighbors:

# 1 - Sunday 9/30: Young and healthy coyote seen on the golf course near Perugia Way. It ran when the resident blasted a hand-held air horn.

# 2 - Sunday 9/30: Three coyotes spotted this morning in broad daylight moving up the dry creek along Stone Canyon Road. (just below Chalon Road)

# 3 -  Sunday 9/30: There is a coyote on the golf course (near Perugia Way) making a yipping noise at the speed of hiccups like he's calling to my dogs. My dogs are in their crates growling. This is frightening. I've never heard this. 

Then, a siren went by, and the coyote started barking.


In addition to notifying our Bel-Air resources at, please report ALL coyote or aggressive wildlife sightings to West Los Angeles Animal Services @ 310-207-3156 to file a "Wildlife Sighting Report."

      [Tell them Officer Randall (the Officer in charge of our area) asked specifically that Bel-Air is to make, and the Shelter is to accept, phone reports.]

     You would file this report whether it was a mountain lion or a coyote.

Dept of Fish & Game @ 562-596-3885