Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LAPD: Community Crime Report

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Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
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Assault with a Deadly Weapon/Vandalism:
2300 block Kimridge Road. RD 809. MO: On 9/29/12, at 0300 hours, Victims attended a house party given by the suspects. The victims decide to leave because the suspects became upset, as victims were leaving, a brick was thrown through the victim's vehicle window injuring one victim. Another victim exits the vehicle and is beaten with a golf club. The victim re-enters the vehicle and drives into a concrete post causing the air bags to deploy. Another victim also received injuries by unknown means.
Residential Burglary:
1000 block Roscomare Road. RD 0805. MO: On 09/24/12, between 0730 and 0800, suspect(s) entered residence via unlocked rear door and removed jewelry.
2900 block Bottlebrush Drive. RD 0807. MO: On 09/20/12 at 0250, suspect(s) entered garage via unlocked door, perpetrated two theft from vehicles, removed a key chain, tripped the alarm after opening rear garage door and fled.
1600 block Roscomare Road. RD 0805. MO: On 09/11/12 at 0140, suspect perpetrated a theft from motor vehicle, walked to next door residence, entered via unlocked rear door activating alarm. Suspect grabbed nearby purse and laptop, fled.
9800 block Portola Drive. RD: 0808. On 09/15/12 at 1800 and 09/17/12 at 1000, suspect(s) entered construction site via unlocked rear door, removed sub panel from circuit board. Possible dispute with sub contractor/electrician.
500 block Midvale Ave. RD: 0837. On 09/17/12 between 0400 and 0900 (after party), suspect(s) removed gaming system and guitar.
500 block Levering Ave. RD: 0816. MO: On 09/17/12, between 1715 and 2120, suspect(s) entered apartment via unlocked side door and removed I-pad, laptops.
400 block Veteran Ave. RD: 816. MO: On 09/14/12, between 1330-2300 hours, unknown suspect(s) smashed front door window, reached through and unlocked door. Suspect(s) entered residence and ransacked the residence, removed jewelry ($2,000).
9700 block Burnley Place. RD: 0808. MO: Between 09/12/12, 1900 hours and 09/13/12, 0700 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered residence under construction through unlocked side window. Suspect(s) removed property and fled through front door. Loss: $11,143.00
Grand Theft Auto:
09-12-12, 2555/1000 RD: 0809 9300 block Beverlycrest Drive. Street 2012 Volvo XC90
Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
09-28-12, 1945/2115 RD: 0855 1700 block Westwood Blvd. Street Wallet/Cash
09-23-12, 2230/0800 RD: 0808 1600 block Benedict Cyn. Garage Cash, keys
09-12-12, 1500/1100 RD: 0809 1500 block Lindacrest Drive. Street Papers, Lic plate.
09-13-12, 1715/1840 RD: 0833 10900 block Wilshire Blvd. Pkg Gar Smash Purse, $$
09-10-12, 1900/0600 RD: 0806 300 block Mapleton Ave. Garage US currency
Grand/Petty Theft:
09/23/12 Residential-2300 block Kimridge Rd. RD: 0809 Rifle $400
09/18/12 Business-10800 block Wilshire Blvd. RD: 0833 Cash $800
07/11/12 Residential-600 block Thayer Ave. RD: 0828 Art work $14,000
09/20/12 Business-1100 block Glendon Ave. RD: 0817 Watches $419,300
09/08/12 Residential-600 block Galey Ave. RD: 0838 Radio $150
09/16/12 Residential-500 block Landfair Ave. RD: 0837 Laptop $1,300
09/12/12 Business-1200 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817 Pet supplies $222
09/13/12 Business-1200 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817 Pet Supplies $155
09/14/12 Business-1200 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0817 Pet Supplies $81
09/16/12 Residential-500 block Veteran Ave. RD: 0816 Wallet $200
09/01/12 Residential-1600 block Greenfield Ave. RD: 0855 Laptop $1,080
09/13/12 Business-1300 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 0833 Bike $900
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