Friday, October 26, 2012

Recap of Coyote Reports

Please see below a recap report from Bel-Air neighbors:

10-19-12:  Location:  Somma Way-- homeowner saw a giant coyote walk by at 12 midnight Friday night Oct 19th.  Coyote walked down the street toward Stone Canyon as if it came from the top of Somma Way

10-21-12:  Location:  Hotel Bel Air:  On Sunday, 10-21-12 at approx. 8:10pm, one of the Hotel Bel Air officers observed 2 coyotes emerge from the brush between the entrance and exit of the employee parking on the east side of Stone Canyon.  They observed the coyotes trot quickly north up Stone Canyon Rd.

10-22-12:  Location:  Cascada Way and Chalon:  Today, 10-22-12, homeowner saw a large coyote in the next door neighbor's driveway this morning approximately 7:25am.


In addition to notifying our Bel-Air resources at, please report ALL coyote or aggressive wildlife sightings to West Los Angeles Animal Services @ 310-207-3156 to file a "Wildlife Sighting Report."

      [Tell them Officer Randall (the Officer in charge of our area) asked specifically that Bel-Air is to make, and the Shelter is to accept, phone reports.]

     You would file this report whether it was a mountain lion or a coyote.

Dept of Fish & Game @ 562-596-3885