Monday, May 6, 2013

MEMBER MONDAY - A SUCCESS!! --- "The Stunning Orchid"

TODAY...the Bel-Air Association launched a new member-only series entitled "Member Mondays!"

The first was a round-table discussion with Rodney Wilkinson of GreenTree Landscaping!


"The Stunning Orchid"
They can be found decorating most of our homes and offices, but rarely in our gardens. Come and see photos of this amazing flora thriving in landscapes in the Los Angeles area and see how an orchid destined for the landfill can possibly be saved and mounted to a tree to continue to provide flowers for many years to come. 

Rodney led a discussion with 8 members encompassing the orchid, including impeccable photos, their application in our community/climate and a demonstration of how they can be easily tied into any resident's current outdoor space by planting them on trees!

Be on the look-out for the NEXT "Member Monday!"

Here's some amazing photos from the day!!