Thursday, July 18, 2013

A HUGE SUCCESS - MEMBER MONDAY - Emergency Prep (Top tips included)

This week, to a HUGE SUCCESS, the Bel-Air Association hosted its 2nd edition of the member-only series -- "Member Mondays!" It featured discussion and exploration of "Emergency Preparedness!" Everything from preparedness tips to supplies recommendations.

It was led by Jose Hernandez of More Prepared. He covered the basics of food storage, what you need to know about water and emergency kits.

There is an immense importance on preparing yourself for a number of unpredictable natural or man-made disasters. If we're properly prepared as a community, we will have the best opportunity to come together as a strong unit in the event of a crisis.

Preparedness highlights from his presentation:

For his full presentation, please click here to view the PowerPoint: 

- Be sure to have a meeting place for outside the home (or away from the home if everyone is not home)

- Be sure to have an out of state emergency contact (confirm they understand what that means)

- Stay in bed if you are there during an earthquake (cover your head with pillows)
(It is advised to NOT run outside, NOT stand in door frames and NOT use the triangle of life method)

- Tie a bag to your bed frame that includes: change of clothes, dust mask, non-latex gloves, flashlight (batteries separate from flashlight) and shoes (thick-sole/closed-toe)

- Don't count on pool as water source - they often crack/drain AND must be treated

- Eat something fatty before bed to stay warmer if temperature is an issue

- When storing food, be sure to store for how you normally eat and any special dietary needs

- Store comfort items (candy, games, etc)

- Start with 3-days of supplies (food/water/etc), and then increase in 7 day increments more & more (you never know how long you'll need it or who you know that will need it)

-  Be sure to put copies of all important documents/identification/Rx in a water proof bag

- Store extra supply of life-sustaining medications

- Be sure your clothing is appropriate for the time of year

- Have multiple fire extinguishers -- use P.A.S.S. method (Pull-Pin, Aim at base of fire, Squeeze handle, Sweep back and forth)

- Rotate gasoline/diesel for generator every 3 months

- Have supplies to start a fire (heat/cooking source)

- Secure appliances, water heaters, pictures, etc with appropriate tools/kits & Bolt your home's foundation

- In order of priority: use items in your refrigerator, then freezer, then pantry

Please enjoy these photos from the Member Monday