Thursday, August 15, 2013

3 Serious Coyote Reports - Stradella, Chalon & Somma areas

Please see below a report from a Bel-Air neighbor:

- Sunday at noon, a large coyote entered homeowner's fenced property near Stradella and Sarbonne.  Homeowner was in the yard with her two dogs------the small dog was separated from her sight for just a minute----homeowner heard her small dog yelping-----homeowner came running and saw a large coyote on her small dog.  Homeowner kept screaming and going "crazy"--coyote ran away.  Miraculously, her small dog is fine.
- Last Thursday (August 8th) at 5:00 pm, a homeowner spotted a large coyote brazenly going down the middle of street on Somma Way with a screaming hen in its mouth. When the homeowner opened their front door, they saw the coyote dash up the stairs into the yard of another neighbor and run up the hill.
- Homeowner on Somma Way reported that a coyote was stalking a four point buck in their yard at midnight last night (Wed).  We are still in the most aggressive period of year for coyote attacks.


In addition to notifying our Bel-Air resources at, please report ALL coyote or aggressive wildlife sightings to West Los Angeles Animal Services @ 310-207-3156 to file a "Wildlife Sighting Report."

[Tell them Officer Randall (the Officer in charge of our area) asked specifically that Bel-Air is to make, and the Shelter is to accept, phone reports.]

You would file this report whether it was a mountain lion or a coyote.

Dept of Fish & Game @ 562-596-3885