Monday, August 19, 2013

CD-5: A new Chief of Staff - Joan Pelico

A new Chief of Staff – Joan Pelico!



Chief of Staff Joan Pelico and LAPD Captain Eric Davis

The 5th Council District has a new Chief of Staff:  Joan Pelico.  She may be new to the post, but she’s a longtime and treasured presence in communities of the 5th District, having served as Councilmember Koretz’ district director for more than three years (she had begun with Councilmember Koretz as his senior field deputy).

As the new Chief of Staff, Joan’s responsibilities will still include overseeing both field offices, and she will undoubtedly spend at least 2 days a week in the district offices. Wherever she is, she brings an outstanding legacy and ongoing commitment of service benefiting our local neighborhoods and constituents.

Joan has a great history with the 5th District, working closely in the field with its communities and constituents.  She started with the office when Jack Weiss was Councilmember, serving as Valley field deputy and then Valley field director. She has won awards from many community organizations and also has a distinguished background working hand-in-hand with schools, including as the volunteer president and director of development of a school’s parents association.
She also has an extensive background in business, and was an innovator in the fitness field, creating safe practices and standards for exercise classes and personal training:  hers was the only school approved by the State of California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction to certify and train aerobic teachers and personal trainers.  She has served as a head judge and international judge of aerobics championships, has modeled and been president of the board of a CPR committee.  She worked with Cedars-Sinai and created their Senior Shape-Up Program, through which she taught exercise to seniors for 18 years until she started working with the Council Office in 2005.

Joan loves working with seniors and children, and is the devoted mom of her 19-year-old daughter, Rachel.