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Attempt Robbery:
1500 block Westwood Blvd. RD: 855. Bodily Force. On 8/15/13, between 0045 and 0055 hours, the victim was seated when he was approached by two suspects. The suspects came up behind the victim and grabbed the victim's phone and attempted to flee with it. The victim was able to keep possession of his phone and attempted to pursue the suspects. Suspect 1: Male, White, Brown hair, black hoodie, tan pants. Suspect 2: Male, Hispanic, Black hair, Brown eyes, white shirt, red baseball cap.
Massachusetts Ave./Westwood Blvd. RD: 855. On 8/15/13, at 1735 hours, a witness was putting coins in a meter when he was approached by the suspect who made a rude remark and threw food toward him and missed. The witness followed the suspect while contacting the police and observed the suspect strike one victim across the face and flee. The witness observed the suspect strike a 2nd victim in the back of the head. The suspect was detained and arrested by the police.
1600 block Pandora Ave. RD: 0829. MO: Distraction Burglary. On 08/19/13, at 1210 hours, the suspects knocked on the door of elderly victim's residence. The suspects claimed to be working on neighboring residence and had possibly disrupted victim's electrical. The suspects lured the victim to the back yard of the residence while a second suspect entered victim's residence. The suspect was confronted inside of the residence by a caretaker who chased the suspect out of residence with a hammer. No property loss. Suspect 1: Male, Hisp, 511 175 30's thin mustache. Suspect 2: Female Hisp 506 130 25/30.
1000 block Brooklawn Drive. RD: 0807. MO: Construction site. Between 08/14/13, 1930 and 08/15/13, 0600 hours, suspect(s) torched storage container locks and removed tools.
3000 block Deep Canyon Drive. RD: 0808. MO: Construction site. Between 08/14/13, 1630 and 08/15/13, 0715 hours, suspects entered unsecured construction site and entered interior door and removed tools.
Grand Theft Auto:
8/19/13 2200/0700 RD: 0828 900 block Hilgard Ave. Sub Garage 2012 Acura TL- key
8/19/13 1830/0900 RD: 0855 1400 block Bentley Ave. Sub Garage 2006 Honda Civic
8/14/13 1830/0630 RD: 0855 10700 block Santa Monica Bl. Parking Lot 1993 Chevy P/U Truck
8/5/13 to 8/13/13 RD: 0805 Getty Center Drive/Sepulveda Bl. Street 2007 Honda CBR Motorcycle
8/15/13 1400/1700 RD: 0819 Beverly Glen/Charing Cross Street 2003 Toyota Tacoma
8/14/13 0610 RD: 0815 Sepulveda Bl./Montana Ave. Lot 2012 Ford F150
Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle:
8-19-13 0915/1005 RD: 0855 1300 block Sepulveda Blvd. Rec Center Smash Purse
8-17-13 2100/0900 RD: 0834 1700 block Westholme Ave. Carport Unk Sunglasses
8/12/13 1930/2040 RD: 0817 Glendon Ave/Weyburn Ave. Street Unknown Laptop
Grand/Petty Theft:
1500 block Selby Ave. RD: 0834. Construction Site. MO: On 8/17/13, 0030 hours, suspect(s) used blowtorch to cut lock and removed tools (generator, drills, skill saws).
800 block Stradella Road. RD: 0806. Construction Site. MO: On 8/14/13, between 1500 and 0600 hours, unknown suspect removed dirt compactor & compressor.
400 block Kelton Ave. RD: 0816. MO: Between 8/12/13 and 8/16/13, unknown suspect(s) removed bicycle locked to pipe in parking garage.

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