Thursday, October 17, 2013

IMPORTANT: Coyote Sighting Info & Tactics

The experts said that we should be seeing an increase in coyote activity in mid October/November.  We have noticed an increase in sightings during the day.  This is an indication of increased coyote aggressive behavior--shows that those particular coyotes are not scared of humans--more likely to attack pets/children.  Please be vigilant about scaring coyotes (honking horns, etc) and limiting coyote attractants.  

The coyote that was sighted the other day at 7:15 am on Bellagio near Sarbonne was walking up the middle of the lane going toward Sarbonne and was not fazed when a car drove passed it on the other side--that's not good.  Unfortunately, the driver was so surprised that he forgot to honk his horn--oh well.

Really important everyone reports.  Barring any attacks, we will have Dept of Fish and Game review our log at the end of the month.