Monday, February 10, 2014

405 - 80hr closure: Beating the Odds

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Beating the Odds
We ask you to avoid the 80-hour closure of the I-405 during the Presidents’ Day (February 14-18) weekend to rescue you from sitting in lengthy delays. How lengthy? That depends on how many motorists heed our advice.
During Carmageddon I, the complete closure of the I-405 in July 2011, Los Angeles County motorists heeded our warning and avoided the I-405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass in historic numbers. This effort resulted in an almost 65 percent diversion of traffic when compared to the previous weekend.
For the upcoming 80-hour closure, Caltrans asks for the same 65 percent diversion. If we can only achieve, say, a 50 percent reduction, those delays grow. That is because only the 4 and 5 lanes (lanes are counted from the left to the right) of the freeway will be open during daytime and none will be open during nighttime.
If you were unable to join us for our one-hour live chat today, you can view the questions and answers from the chat at
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