Friday, February 28, 2014

Bel-Air Association Replaces Missing Ambazac Way Sign

The Bel-Air Association is excited to announce the replacement and installation of a new "Ambazac Way" sign at the intersection with Bellagio Road. It was found missing by a member of the Association and reported to us. As we were unable to get a replacement sign from the appropriate entity in as timely manner as we'd hoped, The Bel-Air Association took it upon ourselves to fund, design, create, produce and install a new sign for the community.

This is the only sign marking Ambazac Way from Bellagio, which makes it even more important to be replaced quickly!

In addition, we re-adhered the peeling Bellagio Sign to its frame. 

We hope the sign increases traffic safety for those looking for the street and makes it easier for guests of Ambazac's members to find their way.