Friday, August 22, 2014

BAA Team visits Lower Stone Canyon Reservoir & Gets DWP Project Update/Details

The BAA Team visited the the lower Stone Canyon Reservoir yesterday to check-on the GeoTech work being performed by LA DWP. We have received several inquiries and concerns from several upper Stone Canyon-area neighbors.

The engineers on-site provided us with an estimated time frame of approximately 2 months for the project. The loud and reverberating banging noise will happen periodically throughout the project.

DWP thanks the community for its patience and understanding through this testing.

Here are some additional details we received earlier today:

"We are drilling borings at the different locations at the embankment and toe of the dam to collect samples as part of the Stone Canyon Dam seismic stability evaluation. Most of the borings will be inside of the Stone Canyon Dam complex. There will be three borings located at the DWP landscape area outside of entrance gate at 1680 Stone Canyon Rd. The work schedule is from 7am-5pm with full time DWP employee supervision.

We will use different drill rigs to collect soil samples. One type of drill rig, similar to a pile driving machine, will be used at one boring location at the landscape area. This rig will generate pounding noise and vibration. At this time, we anticipate to use this rig next Thursday or Friday (Aug 28 or 29)."